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Friday, September 30, 2016

Buying Team Socks

Cub Sport Socks
When playing a team sport, having the right pair of socks is very important. Socks do more than just cover the foot, they help the player maximize their performance during the team sport. Buying the right pair of socks for the sport will help any player be more comfortable and play harder than they would with common pairs of socks.
Why Are These Socks So Long?

Team sport socks are often longer than a typical ankle sock. Coming in crew styles and knee high styles, these socks are ideal for sports for numerous reasons. One is that the socks cover more of the foot and leg region, protecting the player from abrasions or cuts from falling, sliding, or being hit by a sports object, like a soccer ball or basketball. Secondly, the sport socks often match with uniforms. Uniforms are needed to tell players apart, especially in the hectic environment of a competitive game. Matching team socks that are large enough to be seen over a long distance helps players see where their teammates are. Third, knee high socks are tight, helping to keep blood flowing well throughout the leg and feet area. This is especially important when straining the leg muscles throughout the game. Instead of a swelling arising, the knee high socks help to reduce potential swelling and keep the player's endurance high. Finally, on an aesthetic level, the team sport socks helps to capture sweat and keep dirt from being captured on the player's legs. This helps the player in terms of cleanliness.
Knee Highs or Crew

Knee highs are the tallest form of sport socks. These socks help with any sport where the knee and calves are used heavily. This may include soccer (football across the world), volleyball, or baseball. Smaller than the knee highs are crew socks. They do not cover all of the calf, but the socks are as thick as knee highs and cover beyond the ankle.
Decorative Designs

Professional and collegiate sports players are not the only ones who like to play a team sport. If a group of friends want to play a team sport, they can purchase knee high or crew style socks for their team. In addition, many companies design unique color arrangements and stitch shapes and logos onto the socks. When a group wants similar pairs of team socks, these color arrangements and designs can help the team stand out and show their creativity, attitude, or team theme.