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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cycling & Running Socks for Performance & Edge

The right sports socks for your active life offer comfort and appealing looks to suit your style. Options in Cycling & Running Socks include ankle-length performance socks and crew socks. The variety of styles available expresses many interests and moods. Expressive socks add fun to your day and can help you get psyched for working out. Putting on a great-looking pair of socks can be part of your routine for getting ready for your sport.

Vibrant and sleek designs coordinate well with today's active wear. Pick several pairs to match or complement your favorite cycling and running outfits. Today's sport socks include dynamic prints such as racing stripes, polka dots, and a selection of hard-edged, whimsical or sporty designs. The bold colors and designs are eye-catching whether you're in motion or at rest.

Performance Socks Advantages

Cushioning keeps your feet comfortable during the demands of cycling and running. Ultra-soft fibers to pamper your feet and help reduce the risk of chaffing and blisters. When you choose quality socks you get to slip into the ultimate in comfort right before you put on your shoes.

Specialized fibers wick moisture away from your skin to keep your feet feeling drier. On hot days and for demanding events, avoid having wet feet by always carrying an extra socks in your gear. It pays to stay supplied with quality socks designed for your active life.

High-tech performance socks offer excellent fit and absorbency. Socks that are too thin, too tight, too large or too worn cause discomfort and may contribute to hot spots, abrasions and blisters.

Reinforced heels and toes increase the durability of performance socks. Your favorite socks will go the distance with you and save you money by not requiring frequent replacement.

Buying USA-made socks supports our economy, so when you're exercising in top-quality Cycling & Running Socks, you're helping create a better future.

Your feet play a key role in your success, whether you run, bike, hike, walk or cross-train. It's worth treating your feet to the best socks for your rides or runs.


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