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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Softball / Baseball Pattern Socks

Guys and girls who play the great sport of softball (for women and girls) or baseball (for men and boys) often want to find the absolute best when it comes to sporting goods. In baseball and softball both, having a very high quality mitt is of great importance. The mitt is what the players catch the ball with, and if it is not quality made with the best leather and stitching, then the ball may not fit nicely into its natural pocket.

In addition, mitts need to be "worn in," which sometimes entails the use of a leather oil or putting the appropriate sized ball (softball for women's mitts and baseball for men's mitts) inside the mitt with a rubber band around it over night so that the leather becomes less stiff.

Softball / baseball pattern socks are also important for players of this sport. Sliding is a big part of playing the game, but it can be very difficult and quite dangerous to do. If one wants to slide into a base without getting an injury, Softball / baseball pattern socks are an important part of the wardrobe.

These socks are knee high socks meaning they can get pulled up to the bottom of the knee, covering the entire calf and shin. Wearing these along with standard baseball or softball pants and cleats can prevent scrapes, bruises and injuries from occurring when sliding into bases. The reason that injuries often occur (without the use of knee socks like these) is because the softball and baseball in-fields are made of gravel. This is where the bases are, so this is the surface that players are having to slide over to get to their bases on time. Small bits of dirt and rock can get embedded into the skin, and injuries from sliding can be extremely painful.

Lastly, the great thing about these socks for softball and baseball is that they are super cute. They come in all different colors from hot pink to black, and they have little pictures of softballs or baseballs all over them. They are cute to wear, and they keep players safe!


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