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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reasons to Start Wearing Compression Socks and Sleeves Today

Compression garments are socks or sleeves that are designed to apply gentle pressure to the skin underneath. The garments are very comfortable and functional while still providing extra support. There are several reasons why it is a good idea to start wearing compression socks and sleeves today.

Improve Circulation

Gravity can actually reduce circulation when sitting down or standing for a long time. Gravity makes it harder for blood to move up through the veins and back towards the heart. A pair of compression socks applies just enough pressure to help blood move up through the veins. This can prevent aches, pains and other discomfort when sitting down for a long time while traveling or working. It also improves circulation during exercise or other physical activities. Compression garments will help circulation no matter what is happening during the day.

Reduce Recovery Times after Exercising

Wearing compression arm and leg sleeves can actually reduce the amount of time it takes to recover after an intense workout or long session playing sports. The increased circulation from compression garments gets more oxygen to the muscles and internal organs. More oxygen means harmful substances like lactic acid that accumulate in muscle tissue are removed quickly. This reduces pain after physical activities and reduces swelling especially if the socks or sleeves are worn for a few hours after stopping.

Support Muscles

Running, playing sports and other physical activities strain the muscles. Compression sleeves for the arms and legs provide extra support to muscles. This can improve performance in some cases and can minimize the effects of high-impact sports. It can also work to prevent problems like cramping and sprains. This is because the compression garments stop excessive muscle oscillation that could cause pain and cramps. Compression garments are useful for any athlete.

Reduce Swelling

Socks and leg sleeves that provide compression can help to lower or eliminate swelling. The gentle pressure from the socks or sleeves prevents blood and other fluids from accumulating in the joints or extremities. This pooling of blood often leads to sensitivity, pain and limited mobility. A good pair of compression sleeves or socks will reduce swelling while they are being worn.


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