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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wearing Shamrock Sport Socks for St. Patrick's Day Games

When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, many people of Irish-descent (or not!) turn to celebrate the Emerald Isle with cheer and spirits. Many families or friends may also want to celebrate the day by playing team sports that are popular in Ireland, like rugby, soccer (association football), Gaelic football, or hurling. To get into the team spirit, family members or friends may want to purchase a pair of socks that help celebrate the occasion.
Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are important athletic footwear. Unlike a conventional sock, the knee high socks stretch across the entire calf. There are several reasons for this. One is to help protect the leg from being cut or scratched from the intensity of sport. Since many Irish sports require extensive use of the leg muscles, many players may end up sliding on the grass or hit by a powerful force, like an incoming player or a sports ball. Another reason knee high socks are important is that they are usually tight. They stay high on the leg for comfort and protection. Knee high socks are specially designed compression socks, they tighten around the leg muscles, helping to improve blood flow and lower the chances of cramping. In addition, knee high socks in certain designs or colors can advertise the sports team the player is on, helping to identify team members.
Sports Sock Designs

When players want to join together and celebrate their team or their heritage, specialty designed knee high sport socks can prove to be festive and signifying. One such design are shamrock sport socks. During St. Patrick's Day festivities, groups of friends or family members can join together and put on their shamrock sport socks to celebrate the day and signify what team they are on(Go Irish!). For example, the O’Brien's can wear the black sports socks with shamrock designs shown across them, while the Kelley's can wear the sports socks in the colors of Ireland's flag with a large shamrock logo on them.

No matter how you plan on celebrating, get green and show of the Leprechaun in you!


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