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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Importance of Cycling and Running Socks

If you are a runner or cyclist, you probably recognize the importance of wearing proper sports apparel. You need to be comfortable and optimized for your sport, right down to the socks you wear. Cycling & running socks differ from ordinary socks. These are socks made with performance in mind.

When cycling, running or even walking long distance, you don't want your feet to feel restricted. A good pair of sports socks will be lightweight and made with breathability. When choosing your cycling & running socks, look for a few basic features.

Since your feet will be taking on most of the impact, the socks you wear should be made to withstand abrasion. The material should be "stretchy". The socks need to be able to move with you, with a certain amount of "give". Nylon is a common material for bike socks. Because your feet are likely to become damp with perspiration during your running or cycling, protection against mildew is another good feature to look for. Most cycling and running socks may also be used for other sports such as soccer and softball.

There's no reason to settle for a boring pair of white cyclist or running socks, either. With so many choices available, you can enjoy your favorite sport in fashion. Sport socks in men's, women's and youth sizes are often available in a wide array of colors and styles. You'll find styles featuring skull and crossbones, four leaf clover designs, flames, animal prints and more. Awareness socks are often available as well. This may include socks that promote cancer awareness, autism awareness to name a few. USA team sport socks are another popular style. Choose your style and own it.

When searching for these sports socks, remember that they are not always listed under "cycling" or "running" categories. These socks are sometimes referred to as "performance socks" or other like categories. 


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