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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fun and Funky Tie Dye Socks

A well made pair of sports socks can make a workout just that much more comfortable. Max Tie Dyed Crew Socks offer the prefect mixture of comfort and durability for sports or casual wear. These are medium-lightweight socks. They offer warmth without weight and a great breathable experience. This makes the perfect for spring to early fall wear. The fabric has a very soft feel, much like a cashmere or brushed fabric. These are crew length socks with a heel to toe style construction. They are available in sizes six to eight and a half for Youth, Adult Size Medium and Adult Size Large. These are proudly made in the U.S.A.

They are made of a moisture removing blend of cotton, nylon and Spandex. The blend offers the optimal properties of each fiber; making these socks durable, breathable and form-fitting. They are resistant to mildew, mold, and fungi. These crew socks possess a very low moisture rate. This means that they will dry very fast and not keep wetness on the skin. As any sports player knows, dry skin is healthy skin. The drier skin will lessen the chances of the wearer suffering athlete’s foot, abraded skin or other painful skin problems. This makes them great for active wear in the heat of the summer.

Max Tie Dyed Crew Socks come in a great range of fun and funky tie dye colors. All socks are white underneath the tie dying. Some socks may have places where the color did not take as well, this is completely natural, the tie dye process works best on fabric with plenty of cotton in it. Re-enforcement elastics and fitting panels will have more elastics in them and not absorb as my of the dye.

There are single color tie dye socks done in the boldest of shades. Neon green and blue, bright yellow, audacious red, dark blue and boisterous purple are all single color tie dyed over white. There are several two-tone tie dye socks to wear as well. A dark green and gold perfectly complement each other, while a red over yellow is very fetching. No matter which color is chosen, it will make a statement.


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