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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Smile Face Sport Socks

Socks are oftentimes essential accessories to many athletic activities. Socks relieve various leg muscles from some of the burden induced by high impact sports. Some of the most popular sports such as soccer, cheer-leading, baseball, and basketball require socks. However, socks are not only necessary for comfort and protection in sports - they also give people the chance to express themselves!

There's a perfect pair of sports socks for every athlete. Whether someone wants a design that shows off team spirit or a pair that expresses individual style and personality, there is undoubtedly the perfect pair of sports socks out there for either needs. There are not many customizable accessories one gets to wear during team sports. However, socks are a definite exception. Socks are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Types of socks can vary from sport to sport. Certain sports require thicker socks whereas others require a pair with more lightweight material. Aside from concerns about the material, the patterns on the socks are important. Again, socks give athletes the chance to get creative and develop a personal style. Some socks are traditional and plain and others have bright colors and fun patterns. Some socks are neon yellow, others have polka dots.

Perhaps, the most fun and silly sports socks have smile faces. Wearing smile face sport socks can be a great way to express both silliness and a carefree attitude during a game or practice. If someone wants to show off their fun and silly side on the field, choosing a pair of socks with smile faces may be the best route. Sports socks with smile faces can have classic yellow smile faces or multicolored neon smile faces.

Smile face patterns are a great way to stay positive during a game and not take things too seriously. These socks are a colorful, fun, and exciting way to show off personal style. Give them a try!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fun and Funky Tie Dye Socks

A well made pair of sports socks can make a workout just that much more comfortable. Max Tie Dyed Crew Socks offer the prefect mixture of comfort and durability for sports or casual wear. These are medium-lightweight socks. They offer warmth without weight and a great breathable experience. This makes the perfect for spring to early fall wear. The fabric has a very soft feel, much like a cashmere or brushed fabric. These are crew length socks with a heel to toe style construction. They are available in sizes six to eight and a half for Youth, Adult Size Medium and Adult Size Large. These are proudly made in the U.S.A.

They are made of a moisture removing blend of cotton, nylon and Spandex. The blend offers the optimal properties of each fiber; making these socks durable, breathable and form-fitting. They are resistant to mildew, mold, and fungi. These crew socks possess a very low moisture rate. This means that they will dry very fast and not keep wetness on the skin. As any sports player knows, dry skin is healthy skin. The drier skin will lessen the chances of the wearer suffering athlete’s foot, abraded skin or other painful skin problems. This makes them great for active wear in the heat of the summer.

Max Tie Dyed Crew Socks come in a great range of fun and funky tie dye colors. All socks are white underneath the tie dying. Some socks may have places where the color did not take as well, this is completely natural, the tie dye process works best on fabric with plenty of cotton in it. Re-enforcement elastics and fitting panels will have more elastics in them and not absorb as my of the dye.

There are single color tie dye socks done in the boldest of shades. Neon green and blue, bright yellow, audacious red, dark blue and boisterous purple are all single color tie dyed over white. There are several two-tone tie dye socks to wear as well. A dark green and gold perfectly complement each other, while a red over yellow is very fetching. No matter which color is chosen, it will make a statement.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Check Out Awesome Pegasus Sport Socks

For those individuals who excel at sports, having the right clothing and equipment is of the utmost importance. If fact, without the proper clothing--including shirts and tops, shorts or leggings, undergarments and protection, and most importantly, shoes and socks--sports can be made much more difficult for players and teams. That is why it is smart to shop around to find the best sports clothing on the market today. Individuals can purchase their own clothing at their own cost, or team leaders, coaches and managers can purchase matching whole sale sets of sports clothes for their teams so that they match and have equal advantages.

Regardless of how it is purchased, remember that sports socks are one of the most important parts of a sports player's wardrobe. To get the best out of sports play, consider Pegasus Sports Socks with the classic and popular dash and dot design for sports like softball, soccer and volleyball. Pegasus sport socks can be worn with many other sports besides these as well. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns and are available mostly online.

Volleyball and soccer players love these Pegasus socks for sports, because both sports involve the use of shin guards or knee pads. In volleyball, when not in use, knee pads are dragged down the leg, and it is important to have secure knee socks like that of the Pegasus variety to guard against scraping and chafing. The same is true of soccer, where the shin guards can become very uncomfortable against the skin if shin guards are not worn. Knee length socks can protects against this chafing.

Knee length socks are also valuable for softball in which sliding is a regular occurrence. Sliding into one of the bases or home plate with nothing to protect the leg can result in terrible scrapes and bruises on the bare skin. The gravel on the baseball or softball field is often terribly dangerous in this manner. But with secure knee socks like that of the Pegasus variety, players are safe. These amazing socks are available at great prices online.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Animal Design Sport Socks

Sport socks are integral to getting the most out of any exercise and fitness routine. Despite this, socks tend to be boring and mundane pieces of clothing, bolstered by the fact that many simply come in stock solid colors. However, there are actually a wide variety of amazing Animal Design Sport Socks available that are comprised of some truly inventive prints and designs that will have everyone excited about buying socks again.

These socks are designed to ensure that any player and their team can have fun with them, which can work to help build a sense of camaraderie with the team. Most varieties extend to knee-length and are available in sizes 9-11 for adults, as well as youth sizes. The exception to this is the Flying Pigs variety, which can only be found in adult medium. The Animal Quarter Socks are also the only ones that don't come in knee-length, but are quarter length, as is implied by the name itself. There are also a few socks in crew length, called the Trails Paw Crew Length Sport Socks, which can be found in black, red and royal blue colors.

Many of the sock varieties are designed with a multitude of materials, such as Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon and Spandex, among others. There are also a huge range of innovative features in many of these socks. For example, the Happy Paws Crew Socks, as well as a good deal of the other varieties, include a stretch filament mesh top for increased air flow ventilation that is perfect for when playing sports and doing general workout routines. All of these socks are fashioned to where they can be worn by both men and women. Each type of Animal Design Sport Socks can be used when playing a wealth of sporting activities, including soccer, volleyball, baseball and softball, among many others.

There are over 30 unique sock designs to choose from, with a few different color options being available for many of them. Some of the varieties include sport socks such as bunny rabbit, clown fish, frog, jaguar, owls, leopard, penguin and many more. Get your "grrrr" on and show the other team that you MEAN business!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flame Sport Socks

Socks don't have the reputation they deserve when it comes to style. We wear boring and basic socks much too often. Patterned and colorful socks add a little spring in your step (and a smile on your face). If there's one place you can show off your favorite pair of bling-socks, it's on the field! Check out these Flame Sport Socks to burn up your opponent.

Why shouldn't you have fun with your socks? When it comes to the funkiest of pairs, variety of designs, and styles galore you are sure to find socks that please even the pickiest of sock collectors. Show off your fiery side with the flame collection. These Flame Sport Socks come in at least a dozen designs. The flame sock is available in black, white, red and royal blue. Display your love for the game in a flaming volleyball, soccer ball or basketball design. Your options are nearly endless for mixing and matching!

These sport socks probably caught your eye with their unforgettable designs. However, the quality is notable as well. Each pair is designed with an athlete in mind. You can play hard and protect your feet. The toe and heel construction cushions your foot while preventing chaffing. The perfect mix of fabric content allows your socks to stay put no matter how long you play. You'll love the extra ventilation the mesh top provides.

You don't have to be an Olympic champion to enjoy these socks. They're perfect for the gym, afternoon pickup game of basketball, weekend walk or even lounging around the house. The flame design is sure to get you moving! Combine them with your favorite sneakers, shorts and t-shirt for a sporty style.

Make Absolute Sports Socks your go-to place for playful and purpose driven socks. You won't find styles this unique or prices this reasonable anywhere else! Before long, you'll likely have a drawer full of whimsical socks. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dotted Sport Socks are the New Fashion Trend

The boring time of mono-colored socks is now behind us. Nowadays, people are taking their socks more seriously by making them an essential part of their outfits. Athletes of sports such as soccer, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball are wearing dotted or other sport socks with cool patterns during games. Most interestingly, the love for flamboyant socks is also shared by business professionals.

Wearing extravagant socks is a way to be creative and have fun. Business professionals, especially those in the tech industry, have been known to wear them underneath their slacks during meetings and other business activities. Some offices even have an unofficial competition going on to see who wears the coolest socks.

Young athletes are making creatively designed socks an extension of their uniforms by coordinating them with their school’s colors or mascot. Some students are even bold enough to wear dotted sport socks that are totally independent of their uniforms. Either way, young athletes are setting out to make more than one statement every time they step out onto the field or court.

There are a wide variety of designs available that cover several different categories including sports, animals, nature, food, popular games, disease awareness, and television. There is a pair of socks for every walk of life, hobby, or interest. If you’re looking to spice up your footwear, it wouldn't be hard to find a few pairs that appeal to you.

Besides being wacky and out of this world, these socks are designed to be considerably comfortable. They are designed to endure strenuous activity and may even provide ankle support during active play. They can be worn comfortably with all shoe types including sneakers, cleats, boots, and dress shoes.

There is certainly no excuse to not at least occasionally express your wild side. The new widely accepted trend is to dress up your socks for even the most formal of occasions. Teenagers, athletes, and business professionals alike are having a lot of fun making their feet the loudest part of their body. What are your feet screaming?

Friday, March 14, 2014


It's the small things in life that really make each day worthwhile. The wind in your hair, sun poking through the clouds, and the feel of new socks on your toes. With a pair of new socks, the world just seems a little brighter. If you're looking for a simple pleasure you can bring with you wherever you go, invest in a pair of socks from our new sock styles today.

New styles of socks are everywhere, with popular styles of socks featuring printed patterns, famous characters, and bold colors. Copy Cat and Ray Stripes breathe new life into plain white crew socks. Other socks speak to what you're passionate about in life, like lacrosse and other sports. Still other socks feature fun things like flip flops and mushrooms. For people looking back to the great times they had in the 60's, tie-dye socks are a great way to push away the doldrums that come with a normal work day.

You'll also fall in love with compression socks. New styles of compression socks allow you to live healthier without sacrificing your fashion sensibilities. With a range of colors and patterns, these socks keep your circulation strong while allowing your style to still shine through.

These socks come in a range of materials that will meet the needs of any shopper. For instance, not only are there sock styles available in cotton and polyester, but wool and spandex as well. Each pair of socks is manufactured to the highest of standards, with some socks sporting features such as reinforced toes and heels. Different textures are also available, with styles from ribbed tube socks to smooth heel socks all in stock.

New socks are a fun way to show your wild side without dishing out dozens of dollars. On this page, you'll find tons of great sock styles popping up all the time. From socks made for high fashion to socks that just rock, you're sure to see a style you'll fall in love with. Check out all the new sock styles available to you before they disappear!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lighter weight sport socks

Lighter weight sport socks are a good choice for anyone who lives in a warmer climate. Constructed from light weight fabric, these socks provide comfort and coverage for a variety of uses. Whether they're worn for the purposes of camping, participating in sports, or just running everyday errands, lighter weight sport socks can be a good solution. These kinds of socks can be worn under more snug-fitting footwear to reduce the chances of chaffing or blisters and provide greater comfort during the course of the day. Light weight socks of this type are also a good idea for joggers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and more.

Light weight socks are usually not as absorbent compared to other socks, but what they lack in moisture-wicking ability, they make up for in overall comfort. These socks can be worn with sneakers, boots, and work boots to provide a layer of protection between your foot and the inside of your preferred footwear. They can help to shield the more sensitive parts of the foot from inner shoe seams, heel stitching and other unfinished areas that might irritate the skin.

Cyclists and hikers will also appreciate these socks, as their lighter weight makes them more comfortable to wear, and they help to minimize drag or feelings of constriction. These socks are also a good choice for hikers and outdoorsmen, as they're not as bulky as heavy-weight socks and will take up much less space in their back pack, compared to heavy socks.

These socks are also suitable for everyday wear, with a wide array of styles and colors that can complement the wearer's personality as well as their wardrobe. The light weight of these socks makes them an ideal choice for anyone who's living in a warmer climate but requires the full coverage and support that these lighter sports socks can provide. These socks stay up comfortably on their own, all day, without the necessity of a pair of sock suspenders. With these lighter socks, the wearer can make a statement, support their favorite cause, or sports team, or to add a touch of their own personal style to an otherwise plain outfit.

You're sure to find a pair (or 10) that are sure to fit your need and mood.

Wearing Shamrock Sport Socks for St. Patrick's Day Games

When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, many people of Irish-descent (or not!) turn to celebrate the Emerald Isle with cheer and spirits. Many families or friends may also want to celebrate the day by playing team sports that are popular in Ireland, like rugby, soccer (association football), Gaelic football, or hurling. To get into the team spirit, family members or friends may want to purchase a pair of socks that help celebrate the occasion.
Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are important athletic footwear. Unlike a conventional sock, the knee high socks stretch across the entire calf. There are several reasons for this. One is to help protect the leg from being cut or scratched from the intensity of sport. Since many Irish sports require extensive use of the leg muscles, many players may end up sliding on the grass or hit by a powerful force, like an incoming player or a sports ball. Another reason knee high socks are important is that they are usually tight. They stay high on the leg for comfort and protection. Knee high socks are specially designed compression socks, they tighten around the leg muscles, helping to improve blood flow and lower the chances of cramping. In addition, knee high socks in certain designs or colors can advertise the sports team the player is on, helping to identify team members.
Sports Sock Designs

When players want to join together and celebrate their team or their heritage, specialty designed knee high sport socks can prove to be festive and signifying. One such design are shamrock sport socks. During St. Patrick's Day festivities, groups of friends or family members can join together and put on their shamrock sport socks to celebrate the day and signify what team they are on(Go Irish!). For example, the O’Brien's can wear the black sports socks with shamrock designs shown across them, while the Kelley's can wear the sports socks in the colors of Ireland's flag with a large shamrock logo on them.

No matter how you plan on celebrating, get green and show of the Leprechaun in you!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Importance of Cycling and Running Socks

If you are a runner or cyclist, you probably recognize the importance of wearing proper sports apparel. You need to be comfortable and optimized for your sport, right down to the socks you wear. Cycling & running socks differ from ordinary socks. These are socks made with performance in mind.

When cycling, running or even walking long distance, you don't want your feet to feel restricted. A good pair of sports socks will be lightweight and made with breathability. When choosing your cycling & running socks, look for a few basic features.

Since your feet will be taking on most of the impact, the socks you wear should be made to withstand abrasion. The material should be "stretchy". The socks need to be able to move with you, with a certain amount of "give". Nylon is a common material for bike socks. Because your feet are likely to become damp with perspiration during your running or cycling, protection against mildew is another good feature to look for. Most cycling and running socks may also be used for other sports such as soccer and softball.

There's no reason to settle for a boring pair of white cyclist or running socks, either. With so many choices available, you can enjoy your favorite sport in fashion. Sport socks in men's, women's and youth sizes are often available in a wide array of colors and styles. You'll find styles featuring skull and crossbones, four leaf clover designs, flames, animal prints and more. Awareness socks are often available as well. This may include socks that promote cancer awareness, autism awareness to name a few. USA team sport socks are another popular style. Choose your style and own it.

When searching for these sports socks, remember that they are not always listed under "cycling" or "running" categories. These socks are sometimes referred to as "performance socks" or other like categories.