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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sports Socks That Rock

The days of the same old thing are long in the pass. Everyone wants to be noticed and a little bit creative. The world of athletic wear brings something a little bit different, a little bit creative. Introducing Half-N-Half Dots All Sport Socks / Pink & White.

These socks represent one of the latest trends in sports fashion, bright colors and creative design while maintaining that athletic look. The unique half-n-half combination of white and pink with the opposite color polka dots on each side gives the sock a youthful, athletic appeal.

These socks are made from a blend of polyester, spandex, acrylic and nylon. When combined with an acrylic cushioned heel and toe, this sock is designed to provide maximum comfort and durability. These fun looking, knee high socks are ideal as part of a sports team uniform or as an everyday use fashion statement.

The socks are manufactured in the USA and come in three sizes, youth (youth shoe size 12-4 or ladies shoe size 4-5), adult medium (ladies shoe size 5-10 or men's shoe size 4 1/2-8 1/2) or adult large (ladies shoe size 11-12 or men's shoe size 9-12 1/2).

If you want to catch the attention of spectators and the opposing team, these Half-N-Half Dots All Sport Socks / Pink & White should do the trick. The eye catching colors are hard to ignore and it allows your team to make the statement "We are here to play, We are here to have fun, We are here to win."

This is 2014. It is time to shed those plain old white crew socks and step into something unique and fun. For everyday wear, you can dare to be a little different. The socks will look great with jeans or other casual wear garments. They are reasonably priced and available in many locations or online.


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