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Thursday, February 6, 2014


NEW SOCK STYLES are always popping up at Absolute Sports Socks!

Priced at a mere $9.99, you can afford to indulge your sock identity throughout the year!

Why be a boring sock wearer? Your shoes have enough hard work to do all day! They will really appreciate a pair of Balloon Socks or a Copy Cat Socks that make them think you're a tiger! Camo lover? Love emoticons? How about socks that look like you're wearing flip-flops? You can even wear Muertos sport socks! There is no limit to your (and, our) creativity.

Kids love the creativity and sport and team spirit the socks show. They are a great addition to their sporting uniforms. Adults love the whimsical styles that show their individuality.

You can always find socks that are a perfect match for your passion for the following sports:

Right now, we are featuring NEW SOCK STYLES to celebrate Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day! Order right away so that you can properly celebrate two of the year's most fun holidays.

Whether you are into color blocking, neons, fluorescents or innovative graphics socks, you will find styles for every taste and every occasion. These socks are a great gift for the person for whom it is difficult to buy.

Most of our socks are all-sport socks, knee-high lengths and made to fit either with or without shin guards, depending on which sport you play. We also offer crew length, quarter-crew and anklet socks where noted. Most of the designs are acrylic blends, which make them thicker than the old-fashioned nylon socks.

We feature sizes for girls, and adult medium and large.

Our website is updated constantly and you can even sign up for our newsletter. That way you will always be a step ahead of current fashions.


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