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Monday, February 24, 2014

Flip Flop Knee High Socks

If you love going to the beach in your flip flops and swimsuit with your comfy towel and tanning lotion in hand, maybe a great book to read at your side, then you will probably love everything that has to do with the beach and anything that has palm trees, ocean waves or flip flops on it. And who doesn't? Perhaps you also know someone else who is crazy about the beach and the sun and loves buying cute clothing items that show their “fun in the sun” love. Whether it’s you or someone you know, check out these great new socks on the market that feature palm trees, sun glasses and flip-flops on them. They can be found a few places, but check the internet as your best bet!

They are called flip flop knee high socks, and they feature beautiful bright colors and awesome palm trees, sunglasses and flip flops in great design. On the heel and toe, there is a beautiful green that contrasts the white background. These socks can be worn with any adult sized shoe, sizes 9 to 11 for men and sizes 5 to 10 for women. Not only could they be worn to the beach on a cooler day, these flip flop knee high socks are great for school or for sports! Wear them to the next beach themed party at your office or to a Hawaiian themed birthday party or barbecue. Heck, wear them just to remind yourself that beach weather is around the corner.

The socks are super cute on any body type and with literally any style. They are also amazingly comfortable and offer ultimate support during wear and ultimate durability when washing, because they are made of acrylic, polyester, nylon and spandex. This unique blend of fabrics offers a super comfortable material that will wear well in all conditions.

Unfortunately, during the colder fall or winter months, sometimes we get a little gloomy thinking about the beach—but not with this awesome sock! Buy them for yourself to remind you of warm beach days. Or you can buy them for a beach bum friend or loved one. They make a great gift that you won’t forget!


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