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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Demystifying Basketball Socks

If the term “basketball socks” brings to mind packages of one-size-fits-all tube socks from your local department store, it’s time to update your understanding. Today, basketball sport socks come in a full range of styles and different fabric types and blends. You can get water-wicking microfiber socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the game. You can get lightweight, high-performance socks that feature arch compression for optimal support. All this is just the beginning.

Basketball sports socks come in a full range of adult and youth sizes. If you think of sports socks as boring, that idea will fly out the window when you see the range of colors and patterns now available in basketball socks.

While simple white or black basketball socks are still easy to find, more creative options are also readily available. Individual players can mix it up with socks in various colors and designs, or a basketball team can show a united front by wearing matching socks that support a cause. One popular design for women’s teams includes a pink ribbon on a white or pink background, and part of the proceed from the sale of many of these socks goes toward breast cancer research and awareness.

Many teams like to show team spirit with socks that represent team colors or the team mascot. Teams with mascots such as a bear, cougar or lion might choose socks in team colors that feature a powerful paw-print design. Teams in small local leagues or intramural sports might take a different approach in creating team unity through socks. A team priding themselves in being offbeat and creative might select crew socks featuring a tie-dye pattern. A group of self-proclaimed geeks might choose to embrace their prep-school charm with matching argyle socks.

There seems to be no end to the options in basketball socks today. Competitive players may wish to go with high-performance options in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. Those who value team spirit will choose socks to support their team. There are nearly endless options are out there, so pick up some awesome socks for your team.


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