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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Enjoying Ponytail Streamers

One of the cutest ways for young girls to dress up their outfits is to include pony tail streamers in their hair. They can add design and color to any outfit. Using ones with patterns or designs can bring an interesting edge to their style, and using contrasting colors can really help to set their outfit apart. They are also very customizable. Instead of buying them, they can actually be made! This is a fun activity to do with children, or for them to do with their friends.

To make pony tail streamers, what will be needed is ribbon in any choice of color or design, hot glue or a safety pin, and hair ties or hair clips. For added style, use different colors and designs in the same streamer, along with different widths of ribbon. Select at least five pieces of ribbon (for a fuller streamer, use more) and cut them to about twelve inches in length. This will make them six inches when folded in half, although this length can be adjusted according to personal preference. Lay the ribbons out on a table so that they all cross each other in the middle, then either hot glue the ribbons together in the center, or place a safety pin through them to hold them together.

From here the streamer can either be attached to a hair tie or a hair clip. When using a hair tie, it is best to hot glue the streamer to the hair tie itself. Then the hair can be up in a ponytail and the streamers will already be in place. The other option is to attach the streamer to a hair clip instead. To do this, put the hair up in a ponytail, place the streamer where it is going to lay, then clip it into place. This method does offer more control over the exact location of the streamer, but it is also not a permanent method as the streamer will need to be re-clipped to every ponytail. No matter method is used or what colors you select, the important thing is to have fun! Ponytail streamers say just!


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