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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Flame Sports Socks

Flame Sports Socks make for one of the newest and most audacious fashion statements around. These cleverly designed socks were created for athletes in a wide range of sports. The basic design of these socks is that of burning flames wrapping around the exterior, while there are a number of separate designs that are meant to correlate with a certain sport. Currently, these socks support athletes from four different sports. The graphics on the socks are the sports balls for Softball, Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball. Hot flames are flying from the tail of the ball, showing that it is on fire as well. The size also works nicely with most sports, as the sock extends to the height of the knee.

These socks are great for athletes of any sport, as one of their main uses is helping to display the confidence that the athlete is attempting to portray. Competitiveness is shown by a willingness for the athlete to play with all of their ability, but these Flame Sports Socks create the perfect opportunity to instill a little doubt in the opponent before the game even begins. These socks come in all colors as well. The predominant background colors are red, white, blue and black, while the color inside the flames can range from light orange to red.

These socks are available in mens, womens, and children sizes. The base material of the sock is that of Acrylic, which accounts for 79% of the sock, while Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex make up the other 21%. For those that like the products they buy to be completely authentic and made with the best quality, then this sock should be perfect, as it's made right in the USA. As with all fashion choices, this sock might not be for everyone, but for those that want to display their desire to win and compete at the highest level at all times, this sock is the perfect choice. 


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