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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Black w/Florescent Green Bubbles Socks

Black w/florescent green bubbles socks are perfect for teams or anyone who wants to have a little fun. These knee-high black socks dotted with florescent green bubbles are useful and fashionable for both men and women.

Give an Outfit Some Excitement
Rather than wearing plain, boring socks, wear some socks with florescent bubbles to add personality to an outfit. Socks with the right colors and pattern can be an essential fashion accessory. Socks can be bold, colorful, and entertaining.
These socks are popular because they keep the wearer from blending in with the crowd. The knee-high length will even provide some extra warmth on chilly days.

Great for Teams
Black w/florescent green bubbles socks are a great way for teams to show off. By adding some bright color, the wearer can make a statement. Wear them with confidence on the field or court to get noticed. After sporting a pair of these fun, bright socks, few people will want to go back to wearing plain, white socks.

Show Spirit
Many schools have spirit days to display and boost school pride. These colorful socks, with bright green bubbles, are one of the best ways to show support for a favorite team or school.
Anyone can proudly show off their black and green team or school spirit with these green florescent bubbles socks. Many people will love florescent bubble socks, but find green is not appropriate for their color needs. There are also black socks with bubbles in other colors: orange, pink, turquoise, or yellow.
These knee-highs come in adult size Medium. They are made in the USA from an acrylic, nylon, polyester and Spandex blend. The socks have heel and toe construction with cushioned acrylic feet.

Do you need a sock that is fine in form and function? These are perfect!


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