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Friday, November 22, 2013

Tie Dyed Softball Socks for Christmas

People who love sports can sometimes be hard to buy for during the Holidays because of the lack of knowing what your sports fan needs or already has. There might seem to be a lot of selection until you look closer and see that several different stores have the exact same vintage stadium print or have nothing geared towards someone participating in a specific sport such as softball. So what can you get for that softball lover in your life, that's easy… tie dye softball socks! Softball socks are a necessity on the field and making them more personalized can be a great way to bring back a players confidence or put a little more pep into their step. They’re fun, they’re comfortable, and everyone can use them!

Your player will be thrilled with a great pair of socks that reflects their personality. If you are a coach or know a coach then surprise them, or the team, with an exciting set of unique socks  to set the team apart. Watch the teams’ excitement as they open their gifts and try them on. They might even laugh and talk about how tie dye, for instance, has been a part of their lives. Create a fun moment and some team bonding! Not to mention the special bond that the team will share on their next game, it might even be hard for the opposing team to concentrate due to the bright colors or just because of sheer jealousy.

Twisting tie dye softball socks and placing them in little cups to look like little cupcakes or ice cream cones or rolling them into doughnuts is one delicious way that you can give them! Another way to give tie dye socks is to put new softballs inside the socks or to tie them around a new bat. Any sports enthusiast knows that new equipment is always needed and greatly appreciated.

If you are using green tie dye and softballs then you can easily make the softballs into "peas" and the socks into the "pod" and put the "peas in the pod" or shape the yellow tie dye socks into bananas and so on! Don't forget about adding a gift card to a shared local favorite restaurant or local sports equipment store inside of the socks to add even more excitement when they open, untwist, or untie them! With the super exciting tie dye print it is easy to make the socks part of the wrapping! There are so many possibilities that can be incorporated into giving tie dye socks as gifts with a little imagination. Who knows, your gift might be the talk of the team for years to come!


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