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Monday, November 18, 2013

Surprise Your Team with Fun Lacrosse Socks

Jazz up your team's uniform with lacrosse socks for girls in all sorts of fun colors, styles and patterns. Go beyond a plain sock, and look for something that really fits your team's personality. You could even surprise your teammates with a gift of fun socks at Christmas time.

If you want to be traditional, there are plenty of lacrosse socks for you to choose from. Just match your team colors with a sock of solid color or a corresponding and you're done.

But, if you want to have a little more fun with your team's socks, you have some choices! There are plenty of fun styles, colors and lengths to choose from. You can go with a traditional pattern of argyle, and then make it a fun color, like bright orange or lime green. Want a wilder pattern? You could go for something simple like white polka dots or stars on a black background or vice versa. Those who want to make a statement and make it loud can go for a neon color with zebra stripes or handlebar mustaches scattered all over the sock. These socks are sure to get you noticed on the field and make your team smile.

Maybe you want something that represents your team a little better. You could use a paw print on a solid background if that will match up with your mascot. There are also devil's faces, lightning bolts, flames or skull and cross bones to choose from. These will certainly let the opposing team know you are not to be messed with.

Show your flower power with a solid sock that has a peace sign on it. Or you can really invoke a 1970's vibe by going with tye dyed socks. For a little softer look, choose the pastel tye dye or go bold with a primary color.

You can demonstrate your support for a good cause by choosing a sock with the pink breast cancer ribbon on the side. These come in white, black, pink or even a cute pink and white argyle or black and pink argyle. Just choosing a pink sock in general without the emblem is a wonderful way to show your feminine side when out on the field.

Lacrosse socks for girls today can go beyond function and embrace fashion. Have fun choosing your socks, and bring a smile to someone's face this Christmas.


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