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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Purple Baseball Socks? Heck Yeah!

When thinking of baseball socks, plain socks or team colors come to mind. But it does not have to be so mundane. Baseball socks come in all sorts of styles and colors - even purple baseball socks. Let your imagination run wild.

Teams can really customize their looks by getting inventive with their socks. If you have a team mascot consider having it on the team's sock. The sock could sport the actual animal or the animal's pattern. There could be gator skin, leopard spots or zebra stripes. If that doesn't seem to fit, a paw print or shark fin might be what the team needs to spruce up their uniforms.

Maybe the socks just need a pattern to jazz things up a bit. The team could go with brightly colored argyles, checkered socks or even camouflage. Perhaps that is too wild and the team just wants to add a hint of color. A simple stripe down the side matching the team's colors could be just enough, or maybe a solid color like the purple baseball socks.

If the team is supporting a particular charity, there are baseball socks with the autism puzzle or the breast cancer awareness ribbon. A softball team could add some feminine flair with lots of different pink designs, from the breast cancer ribbon to delicate pink hearts splashed all over.

There’s nothing like the Irish! The team can show off their heritage or simply salute St. Patrick's Day with Shamrock baseball socks, either low at the ankle or up to the knee. Get ready for Halloween with a spider web baseball sock, in red, white, blue or black. Other Halloween designs are a pirate's skull and crossbones or a skeleton leg - that glows in the dark! Fourth of July coming up? The team can show off its patriotism with flag patterned baseball socks!

Show off the team's peaceful side with socks that have peace signs splashed all over or exhibit their flower power with flower patterned socks. Rock a '60s look with a tie dyed sock. If a tall sock seems too stifling for summer, try a light weight sock to keep a little cooler. Those come in almost as many patterns as the regular weight sock.

What if there is no team? One can choose to wear these socks simply to show off their great sense of style. Purple baseball socks can be worn on or off the diamond.


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