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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hot Pink Softball Socks

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as most individuals have, in some shape or form, come in contact with someone who has dealt with breast cancer before, it is important to show the support. Many companies give a portion of special breast cancer awareness items towards breast cancer research, so when someone shows their support, they also give money back. Athletic teams have been doing this for some time now, as everyone from the NFL to individual golfers display breast cancer awareness pins, pink clothing items and other gear, all of which to bring more money towards the cause in order to someday find a cure for it. For individuals on a softball team, it is possible to showcase this special time of the year as well. There are hot pink softball socks that showcase the “Breast Cancer Awareness Pink”, not to mention the pink ribbon. Wit

The hot pink softball socks most often come in knee-high designs. The main difference between softball socks and a traditional pair of socks is the material it is made out of. The ribbing of the sock is able to stretch but is a dense material, so an individual who wears the socks doesn't have to worry about the socks falling down. On top of this, the pink of the socks is an excellent fashion statement. For someone who is just trying to show their support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and breast cancer research, it is possible to do just this with the socks. Many of the socks have a black accent as well, which makes it perfect for any uniform. No matter what a team wears for their traditional colors, the hot pink and black is going to work well, as the black is an excellent accent color. The pink is going to be noticeable for any individual as soon as it is seen, and just to make sure everyone knows what the socks represent, there are the pink ribbons stitched into the stocks.

Of course, not everyone is going to want to wear the knee-high socks. For people who don't, there are other softball socks that are shorter, although this covers up less of the leg. Traditional softball socks are going to cover up more of the leg, simply because it prevents the legs from sustaining more injuries and damage during a slide when worn with the shorts.

For anyone who is looking to showcase their support of breast cancer awareness and want to give money towards the cause, all the while demonstrating their support, the hot pink socks for softball are perfect additions, whether worn by the entire team or just someone wanting the socks on their own. These socks can make a statement and anyone who walks by and sees the socks are going to get the message instantly.        

h different looks and designs, for any softball team or even an individual wanting to showcase the bright pink colors, it is possible to do just this with the purchase of hot pink softball socks.


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