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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Does a Soccer Player Need a Good Pair of Socks?

Imagine a player on the field, it's a cold or warm day, and they are running, and fast. But, the player keeps missing the ball, stopping periodically, and just seems quite unfocused. The issue isn't their playing abilities or expertise, but as anyone would not expect, the issue is the player's socks. The socks one plays soccer in are a vital component to the game because without the best socks for soccer, the player raises the risk of discomfort while playing, which will hinder them. Being uncomfortable and ruining a good game because of discomfort are just two reasons why choosing the right sock is important. Below is a simple guide about how to choose the right sock for every game.

What are the Best Socks for Soccer?

A great pair of soccer socks will be of good qualities in all the right areas. Below is an explanation of what types of qualities great socks for soccer will encompass, such as thickness, fabric/technology, and height.

Thin vs. Thick

This component of the sock is meant to regulate the moisture level for players on the field. While thick socks are great for cold weather and managing cold feet, thin socks actually provide a better regulation for the moisture levels of the foot. While a high moisture level is not a desirable during the soccer game, thick socks during winter are still a better option because warmth is a greater concern. During the summer, always opt for thin socks as there is no need for the foot to keep warm.


A great pair of soccer socks with be produced from microfibers that are blended with an acrylic material. This type of blend is ideal because it is excellent at mitigating moisture while playing, thus preventing discomfort. This blend is also great at preventing pesky blisters that will be hurting even more during upcoming games.

In addition to comfortable and durable fabric, players should wear socks that have support. There are currently socks on the market that have cushioned footbeds that will enhance comfort during playing.

High vs. Low

The last concern that players need to consider is the height of the socks. Soccer is an especially aggressive sport on the legs, therefore making it crucial that players wear high socks. Socks that have elastic bands on top to support the sock and prevent it from slipping are optimal. Also, wearing high socks is going to prevent injury which can delay playing.

Overall, while it may not seem like it, the type of sock that one chooses to wear during a soccer game can make a huge difference. Players should be wise when choosing socks, playing the game with nothing less the best and most comfortable.


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