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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paw Print Socks Make a Comeback

It has been a few decades since the Pink Panther was a popular cartoon character who routinely left his paw prints all over the screen, but this year, paw print socks are selling very well. Designed for casual or sports use, they normally fit calf-high and are typically available in acrylic or cotton.

The type of fabric that you get can be important, depending upon your use. When you go to buy your paw print socks, you might remember that if you are using them for sports, each foot that you have can create a pint of sweat per day, making it important that you choose a fabric like cotton or acrylic in order that your feet stay dry while exercising.

Although socks have been around for thousands of years, paw print socks first started getting popular in the latter half of the 20th century when it became easier for the print to be applied by machine in the factory. After all, it wasn't that easy for people to hand-stitch a paw print onto something. The prints themselves can take the form of a dog's paw, a panther's paw, a leopard's paw, or almost any other animal that creates a distinct footprint that looks like a paw.

Interestingly enough, many companies will list a leopard's paw print sock separately from a generic paw print sock in their inventory. So if you are shopping online, be sure to adjust your search to find exactly what you want.

One of the nicest things about getting animal print socks for either children or adults is that when they come out of the dryer or off of the clothesline, they are relatively easy to match compared with solid colors.

They also make a great statement for team sports. By allowing your soccer team or basketball team to use them as team gear, it sends a message that your players are ferocious and fun at the same time. And because there are so many different animal types available, you can always be certain that you will find something to match your team mascot.

Once you have your socks, be certain to follow the care instructions carefully. If you wash or dry the fabric on too high of a heat, it can cause shrinkage that will potentially leave the pair of socks uneven in size. Most sport socks that come in white and are acrylic and cotton can be washed with light colored delicates.


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