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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Does a Soccer Player Need a Good Pair of Socks?

Imagine a player on the field, it's a cold or warm day, and they are running, and fast. But, the player keeps missing the ball, stopping periodically, and just seems quite unfocused. The issue isn't their playing abilities or expertise, but as anyone would not expect, the issue is the player's socks. The socks one plays soccer in are a vital component to the game because without the best socks for soccer, the player raises the risk of discomfort while playing, which will hinder them. Being uncomfortable and ruining a good game because of discomfort are just two reasons why choosing the right sock is important. Below is a simple guide about how to choose the right sock for every game.

What are the Best Socks for Soccer?

A great pair of soccer socks will be of good qualities in all the right areas. Below is an explanation of what types of qualities great socks for soccer will encompass, such as thickness, fabric/technology, and height.

Thin vs. Thick

This component of the sock is meant to regulate the moisture level for players on the field. While thick socks are great for cold weather and managing cold feet, thin socks actually provide a better regulation for the moisture levels of the foot. While a high moisture level is not a desirable during the soccer game, thick socks during winter are still a better option because warmth is a greater concern. During the summer, always opt for thin socks as there is no need for the foot to keep warm.


A great pair of soccer socks with be produced from microfibers that are blended with an acrylic material. This type of blend is ideal because it is excellent at mitigating moisture while playing, thus preventing discomfort. This blend is also great at preventing pesky blisters that will be hurting even more during upcoming games.

In addition to comfortable and durable fabric, players should wear socks that have support. There are currently socks on the market that have cushioned footbeds that will enhance comfort during playing.

High vs. Low

The last concern that players need to consider is the height of the socks. Soccer is an especially aggressive sport on the legs, therefore making it crucial that players wear high socks. Socks that have elastic bands on top to support the sock and prevent it from slipping are optimal. Also, wearing high socks is going to prevent injury which can delay playing.

Overall, while it may not seem like it, the type of sock that one chooses to wear during a soccer game can make a huge difference. Players should be wise when choosing socks, playing the game with nothing less the best and most comfortable.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paw Print Socks Make a Comeback

It has been a few decades since the Pink Panther was a popular cartoon character who routinely left his paw prints all over the screen, but this year, paw print socks are selling very well. Designed for casual or sports use, they normally fit calf-high and are typically available in acrylic or cotton.

The type of fabric that you get can be important, depending upon your use. When you go to buy your paw print socks, you might remember that if you are using them for sports, each foot that you have can create a pint of sweat per day, making it important that you choose a fabric like cotton or acrylic in order that your feet stay dry while exercising.

Although socks have been around for thousands of years, paw print socks first started getting popular in the latter half of the 20th century when it became easier for the print to be applied by machine in the factory. After all, it wasn't that easy for people to hand-stitch a paw print onto something. The prints themselves can take the form of a dog's paw, a panther's paw, a leopard's paw, or almost any other animal that creates a distinct footprint that looks like a paw.

Interestingly enough, many companies will list a leopard's paw print sock separately from a generic paw print sock in their inventory. So if you are shopping online, be sure to adjust your search to find exactly what you want.

One of the nicest things about getting animal print socks for either children or adults is that when they come out of the dryer or off of the clothesline, they are relatively easy to match compared with solid colors.

They also make a great statement for team sports. By allowing your soccer team or basketball team to use them as team gear, it sends a message that your players are ferocious and fun at the same time. And because there are so many different animal types available, you can always be certain that you will find something to match your team mascot.

Once you have your socks, be certain to follow the care instructions carefully. If you wash or dry the fabric on too high of a heat, it can cause shrinkage that will potentially leave the pair of socks uneven in size. Most sport socks that come in white and are acrylic and cotton can be washed with light colored delicates.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Soccer Ball Socks - Durable and Darn Cute

What better way for a soccer fan to symbolize his/her love for this sport? That will be through fashion. As a matter of fact, having soccer ball pattern socks is a great option for several different reasons.

One reason why it’s a great option is because of the high quality in manufacture and comfort. The quality of these socks provide great resilience to wear and tear; therefore, they are more likely to last a long time and provide good protection against scrapes and scratches in a very foot-intensive sport. Additionally, they are thick, and they are made of acrylic, which is important for those  games played during late fall, when it’s starting to get rather chilly. Soccer ball pattern socks will definitely provide the ultimate standard in warmth, comfort, and longevity.

Another great reason to obtain these socks is because of their style. These socks come in different array of vibrant colors. From a diverse choice of fluorescent colors to more earth toned colors, these socks will be a definite hit for anyone who is fan. The fluorescent colors that are available, are pink, yellow, green, and orange. However, if one prefers, there are tons of other colors that are not as bright, some are more basic colors, and some colors are more earth toned. So, whether you’re intending to buy these for a young girl or an elderly man, chances are you’ll find an appropriate color. You might even want to buy a few pairs to award to team members for a game well played, or as a little gift to family and friends who take enough interest  to attend a special game.

Soccer balls are knitted into these socks, not just printed. The soccer balls remain the standard soccer ball color of white and black, but the rest of the sock is the color of one’s choice. Therefore, if someone orders a pair of fluorescent pink socks, the soccer ball will be white and black on a field of brightest pink.

Other things to note about these soccer ball socks, are that they come up to the knee, and they are available in youth and adult medium sizes. The adult medium sizes range from a size five to a size ten in shoe sizes.

These soccer ball socks are wonderful for those awesome soccer fans and athletes. Just about any soccer fan would love to have soccer ball patterns in socks, as they will enjoy the warmth, comfort, style, and long wear of them. Furthermore, there is no better way to showing one's love for this sport, but through fashion that goes right down to someone's choice for a pair of socks.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good Old 3 Stripe Baseball Socks

Socks are an article of clothing that is easily overlooked but is an article of clothing that is back on top when it comes to clothing extras. There are a number of different ways that socks can help to dress up an outfit and it all begins with the different options available when it comes to socks. When it comes to sporting outfits, nothing says sports better than 3 stripe baseball socks.

3 stripe baseball socks are a fantastic way to dress up an outfit and it all starts with sporting outfits. There are various different types of striped baseball socks but no matter what the type, the 3 striped socks are the most popular design available today. This is because of the fact that these amazing socks have actually been around for quite some time now. Striped baseball socks have been around for just about as long as socks have been around since they were basically the first decorated socks available for purchase.

There are many different colors that striped baseball socks can be purchased in, so the color of the outfit being decked out is never a concern. While they were originally manufactured in a couple of different solid color designs, they can now be purchased in just about every solid color design known to man. And if that weren't good enough, striped baseball socks can now be purchased in multicolor designs.

Sporting outfits always work well with striped baseball socks and as is fairly obvious, the color of the teams outfit will never make a difference. But sporting outfits aren't the only outfits that striped baseball socks can compliment. More people are using striped socks to bring out the color in an outfit today than ever before. This is once again because of the flexibility and versatility of these spectacular socks.

Everyday casual outfits are easily complimented by a pair of striped baseball socks. This goes for both long pants and shorts outfits alike. In fact, showing these fantastic socks off is a great way to make an outfit completely stand out. Red, yellow, green, purple, or brown - it doesn't matter what your favorite color is, because it will more than likely be able to be found in a striped baseball sock color design.

Don't miss out on one of the most amazing sock opportunities available in the world of socks today. Consider picking up a pair of one of the best sock designs available and deck that outfit out like it has never been decked out before.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Take A Shot - Of Color!

When you are on the basketball court you want to show off your speed, grace and most of all your jump shot that gets nothing but net. At the same time, you will also be in the winner’s circle when you show a ton of team spirit. Your team is there to make you look good and you all can do that together with flair by sporting crazy basketball socks that are full of fun and colorful patterns.

You and the rest of the team can place bulk orders or order individually and all enjoy the feel of lightweight socks that won't hold you back from making some great jump shots and scoring that final three pointer right before the buzzer sounds. By ordering as a team you can take advantage of the generous 20% discount and free shipping that will give you more money for extra cheese or ice cream to celebrate your big victory after the game.

Once the team decides which patterns to purchase you are sure to intimidate and awe with your good taste. Show the other team that you are a force to reckon with when you all don the skull and cross bone design or show some heat with flaming basketballs. The fire crew socks can show how ignited you are or demonstrate that you support your local firefighters. You can even mix it up with certain positions wearing different patterns to show your team is a true force to reckon with.

With such great prices your team can easily show your sympathy for breast cancer awareness month by ordering Black Pink Ribbon Argyle Crew Socks and the regular Cure crew socks to cover the games for the entire time, both are as pretty as they are full of statement. For straight up fun there are a number of bright solid colors to choose from that are sure to look like nothing but streaks when you run and steal the ball from the opposing team.

Crazy basketball socks are fun to wear to wear around on game days, not just on the court. Basic circles and stars are classics that will add pizzazz to your uniform or choose from big cat safari or a zebra design to add a hint of runway glam to your game. And hey, want to have fun with a vintage theme while winning? Peace signs and tie dye will be groovy when you make the next play.

Crazy basketball socks are sure to make everyone look twice on and off the court. So show everyone that you can score - both a great deal on socks for the whole team as well as a ten for sporty fashion sense.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tie Dyed Soccer Socks

For the funkiest color and look in a new pair of soccer socks, check out the fascinating appearance of tie dyed soccer socks. These special looking socks have all the same clothing features and protection as regular soccer socks, so they are as useful as any other pair when out on the field. In addition to being useful, they also can provide a contrast or a compliment to the existing sports uniform. For the greatest soccer socks available, check out the tie dyed ones today.

Every player knows that a good pair of socks makes a big difference on the field. The socks should be long enough to protect the legs during the rough, foot-centric game of soccer, so many stretch up as high as the knee. They can be made out of cotton for wet, muddy games; spandex for ultimate stretchiness and smoothness; or nylon for good, all-around comfort and durability. Nor are these socks just meant for kid’s soccer games. Players of all ages can set their own tone and fashion trend with these socks, which come in all sizes from youth to adult, male or female.


These socks are meant to appeal to everyone, which is why they come in so many different and great colors. Tie dyed soccer socks are based on the belief that nobody should have to settle when they want a good pair of soccer socks. The many color varieties allows the player to pick out ones that will match the uniform, clash with the uniform, or simply look great on the field. There are excellent selections of black, green, gold, blue, and even pink and purple. These tie dyed colors make a firm fashion statement regardless of how the player performs on the field.

At the end of the game, what matters most is having fun. Wearing tie dyed socks sets the standard for how to play a game as if nothing else matters but the experience itself. Soccer is meant to be a game not just of winning and losing, but of a certain style and beauty, and the right type of soccer socks will reflect that reality not just in how the player plays, but what they wear doing it. So when shopping for a new pair of soccer socks, do not stop at the plain, boring, monochromatic varieties. Take a good look at the tie dyed pairs and make clear to your rivals that you are in it for the fun of it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cute Pink Athlete Socks... and They Save Lives Too!

So it's October again, and October is, of course, Breast Cancer Awareness month. That means a lot of pink ribbons, and pink pins, and apparently pink buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It also means getting serious about sports such as American Football, Baseball, and lacrosse. So why not combine the two ideas and get a pair (or four) of nice pink athletic socks? It's becoming more relevant all the time - even among male players. Some football teams have taken it to a whole new level with team helmets or uniforms incorporating the color pink into them.

Actually, that brings up something very important. The reason why October is the month of awareness is because so many people are confused or ignorant on certain points. For instance, men also get breast cancer. Every year in America over 2000 men are diagnosed, and of those diagnosed some 410 will die. The fact of the matter is that men often are unaware of the danger they face, and so they delay diagnosis meaning that overall men have a higher rate of mortality than women. That said, some groups of women have a worse chance at survival than others - minorities (particularly black females), those with low incomes (which at times overlaps with minority groups), and those lacking good health care.

Another issue that highlights the need for awareness is that there are a lot of myths out there. While a genetic link won't help a woman's chances - only 10 percent of those found with breast cancer have a familial or genetic link. More telling is perhaps race, and social class - which unfortunately tends to end up with more affluent white females being diagnosed in time, and fewer poor minorities getting treatment. Overall, there needs to be more awareness regarding this situation.

So buying a nice pair of pink athletic socks won't just make a person trendy (that is still a trend, right), but it may well save a life or two. People ignore billboards, they change the channel when unpleasant commercials come on, they avoid workshops, and throw away pamphlets. What people aren't likely to do is to ignore the players on the field - players with nice stylish pink socks in styles appropriate for boys, girls, and unisex. Besides which if the pink is bright enough, maybe it'll distract the other players and lend a bit of an edge - it certainly won't hurt anything.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Build Team Spirit with Soccer Socks For Girls

Everyone loves a winning team. Schools, parents and coaches are satisfied when they have a winning team. Sometimes teams fall into a slump, or aren't as motivated to win as in the beginning. For coaches looking for ways to motivate teams, or reward them, funky soccer socks are a great way to do that. This works especially well for girls’ teams who are more interested in appearance and having a change of style than boys are. Soccer socks for girls come in many different colors and designs and will make girls want to wear their uniforms, and kick a winning ball.

The funkier the better for girls teams, which means bright colors, dots, zigzags and tie-dyed are great additions for girl's uniforms. It also allows for a color and style change, and allows for teams to feel motivated to do their best. Not only are zigzags and tie-dyed available, but also a variety of other colors and novelty styles. Some of these include a variety of heart designs, peace signs, smiley face and safari designs. For younger girls, animal socks with various types of animals, cupcakes and flowers are also available.

Novelty socks also allow for color coordinating games to holidays, or national events. For instance, some come with USA symbols imprinted on them, while others have stars and stripes. Shamrocks that can be worn near Saint Patrick's Day, or spider's web or skull bones for those games scheduled near Halloween.

Girls can then color coordinate a hair pin, a hair piece or other accessories when wearing colorful socks. Color coordination is very important to girls who like having clothes, accessories and hair to match. This alone creates a way for personalizing uniforms, and giving a bit of personal flair. It also allows for older uniforms to be updated with a new colorful look.

They can also be used as a reward for doing their best in a series of practices, or for winning a big game. They can be used as prizes in team contests or for rewarding players with the most points in practices, as a means of motivating team members. No matter how they are used, there is no doubt colorful and stylish soccer socks for girls helps to create a winning team through motivation, and building renewed team spirit. For teams that lack luster, are not doing their best, or are going through a period of loss, try adding funky soccer socks for girls for a winning difference.