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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Polka Dot Soccer Socks - Funky & Cute

For many years, soccer socks have been worn to protect the legs and feet while playing the sport. The socks prevent scraping due to shin guards and impact to the shin guards. The length of the socks help to protect the legs from minor damage, and to absorb some of the sweat produced from the body. These socks are a necessary and important component to any person’s soccer interest.

However, for the most part, soccer sports socks designs are the same everywhere: traditional, ordinary, simple, and drab. These cool polka dot soccer socks bring to the table fresh new designs for these vital sportswear accessories. These socks are an interesting combination of dainty and bold. They are knee-high, with the exception of the dotted footies. They come in a generous range of colors and designs, from dazzling gold polka dots on black, to assorted colors of polka dots on white, to striking fluorescent pink on white, bold orange dots on black, black dots on fluorescent green, white socks covered in purple zebra stripes and dots, and many more. The socks range in colors all over the spectrum. They will never fail to entertain and appeal to the eye. These socks will definitely make you stand out and give your team the fashionable advantage. Your teammates and those of the opposing team will undoubtedly envy your sense of daring sportswear on the field.

These socks are not only an intriguing addition to any soccer team’s appearance, they are also a frugal choice for those who do not want to pay an unnecessary amount of money on sports socks. Soccer socks on average usually range from around $6 to $20 depending on where you look, and most of the time they are priced at above 10$. The polka dot soccer socks are $8.99 each. Upon ordering, the socks are shipped promptly. They will be shipped by the next business day. Sizes come in Youth and Adult Medium, are made of 76 percent acrylic, 15 percent nylon, seven percent polyester, two percent spandex, and are made in the United States of America.

Polka dot soccer socks are a great choice when looking for something unique and affordable that will definitely make an attractive and bold fashion statement that will demand attention, while protecting an individual’s legs and feet from the harshness of the sport. It is a great choice for those looking for something a little eccentric and out-of-the-ordinary.


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