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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Neon Green Knee Socks Offered Online With Great Selection & Deals

If you are looking for those cool neon green knee socks everyone is talking about, than the best place to find them is online with numerous websites offering this type of sport sock. In fact, there are many male and female athletes adding more color to their game by wearing a pair of these brightly colored socks to complement their baseball, softball or other sport uniforms.

At the same time, it is the policy of most sport teams to wear a standard tube sock for protecting legs from scrapes and other sports related injuries on the field. In turn, there are many baseball, basketball, lacrosse and field hockey athletes who wear knee socks to prevent grass and artificial turf burns.

Neon green knee socks are great for sports

Because it is known that the feet produce a lot of sweat in the body, the uniform accessory of choice is a knee sock that can absorb the perspiration while also keeping the feet cool and dry during vigorous sporting activities.

At the same time, nobody wants to wear boring socks if they can help it.

The solution is to round out your sporting look and uniform requirements with the popular neon green solid color all sport socks that are hugely popular with athletes who play softball, volleyball, soccer and other field sports that require knee high length protection for the legs.


While neon green is a hot color that is trending now with a lot of male and female sports fans and athletes, there are other neon colors being sold. For example, there are florescent turquoise, florescent blue and florescent red styles to name a few that are featured at great prices online.

In fact, this style of knee sock is featured in the following sizes:

- Adult size large 10-13, fitting men’s shoe size 8-12.

- Adult size medium 9-11, fitting ladies shoe size 4-9.

- Youth size 7-9, fitting youth shoe size 12-5.

In general, this style of knee sock is made from a high-bulk blend of nylon, polyester and acrylic with elastic reinforced sock opening so that your special sport socks never let you down by drooping after usual wear and tear.

Hot colored knee socks for all sports

Another aspect of the knee high style of hosiery is linked to a standard sock design that covers the feet, legs and just below the knee for protection when playing field and other sports that require protective clothing.

Also, there is a view from the fashion world that what was cool back in the Sixties – when knee highs were all the rage with girls who usually wore this type of sock as part of their school uniform, and for boys who wore knee socks for various sports – is now very cool in 2013 with more and more athletes and sports fans choosing knee highs.

While today’s knee high socks are sold in many colors and patterns, it is the solid neon colored knee highs that are hugely popular today with both males and females, say shoe experts.


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