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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finding the Best Socks for Soccer

Soccer can be an intense game, and all equipment used must stand up to heavy abuse on the field. Socks for soccer are frequently overlooked, but a poorly chosen sock can really throw off a player's game.

First, it's important to consider a sock's thickness. Thinner socks for soccer will breathe easier keeping a player cooler. However, games played in cold weather might call for a thicker sock. After all, it's hard for a player to be at his/her best with cold feet. Socks made from synthetic material (for example, polyester and spandex) are generally more breathable. Natural materials, like cotton and wool, hold in more warmth.

As important as a sock's thickness is, size is something that can't be overlooked. Soccer socks need to be large enough to fit over a shin guard but small enough to remain snug throughout the entire game. Socks that fall down or slip around can cause a player to trip or get blisters; not to mention all the movement of a poorly fitting sock is just plain distracting. On the other hand, socks that are too small will wear out faster or cut off circulation to the player's foot (assuming the player can even get the sock on).

A great added feature of some socks is padding in strategic locations. Many times this padding is added to the arch, heel, or toes. This padding isn't always necessary, and most leagues don't require it. Nevertheless, added padding can be very helpful for players with poor arch support or in a game played on a hard surface.

Finally, a sock's color, while having no direct impact on performance, must be carefully chosen. Some leagues have strict rules about the color of a sock (and some don't). Teenagers and children frequently want brightly colored and boldly patterned socks. The impact of a color can't be fully measured, but any player will feel more confident in his/her favorite color. Additionally, patterned socks for younger players can be used off the field (giving the purchase extra value).

There are a lot of options for soccer socks out there. When purchasing a pair, a player should consider their climate, the sock's size, and if padding will be needed. If league rules don't prohibit it, patterned and brightly colored socks can be a fun way to personalize a uniform and give the player an extra confidence boost. After finding the perfect sock, the player will be able to reach his/her full potential on the field.


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