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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finding the Best Socks for Soccer

Soccer can be an intense game, and all equipment used must stand up to heavy abuse on the field. Socks for soccer are frequently overlooked, but a poorly chosen sock can really throw off a player's game.

First, it's important to consider a sock's thickness. Thinner socks for soccer will breathe easier keeping a player cooler. However, games played in cold weather might call for a thicker sock. After all, it's hard for a player to be at his/her best with cold feet. Socks made from synthetic material (for example, polyester and spandex) are generally more breathable. Natural materials, like cotton and wool, hold in more warmth.

As important as a sock's thickness is, size is something that can't be overlooked. Soccer socks need to be large enough to fit over a shin guard but small enough to remain snug throughout the entire game. Socks that fall down or slip around can cause a player to trip or get blisters; not to mention all the movement of a poorly fitting sock is just plain distracting. On the other hand, socks that are too small will wear out faster or cut off circulation to the player's foot (assuming the player can even get the sock on).

A great added feature of some socks is padding in strategic locations. Many times this padding is added to the arch, heel, or toes. This padding isn't always necessary, and most leagues don't require it. Nevertheless, added padding can be very helpful for players with poor arch support or in a game played on a hard surface.

Finally, a sock's color, while having no direct impact on performance, must be carefully chosen. Some leagues have strict rules about the color of a sock (and some don't). Teenagers and children frequently want brightly colored and boldly patterned socks. The impact of a color can't be fully measured, but any player will feel more confident in his/her favorite color. Additionally, patterned socks for younger players can be used off the field (giving the purchase extra value).

There are a lot of options for soccer socks out there. When purchasing a pair, a player should consider their climate, the sock's size, and if padding will be needed. If league rules don't prohibit it, patterned and brightly colored socks can be a fun way to personalize a uniform and give the player an extra confidence boost. After finding the perfect sock, the player will be able to reach his/her full potential on the field.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Neon Green Knee Socks Offered Online With Great Selection & Deals

If you are looking for those cool neon green knee socks everyone is talking about, than the best place to find them is online with numerous websites offering this type of sport sock. In fact, there are many male and female athletes adding more color to their game by wearing a pair of these brightly colored socks to complement their baseball, softball or other sport uniforms.

At the same time, it is the policy of most sport teams to wear a standard tube sock for protecting legs from scrapes and other sports related injuries on the field. In turn, there are many baseball, basketball, lacrosse and field hockey athletes who wear knee socks to prevent grass and artificial turf burns.

Neon green knee socks are great for sports

Because it is known that the feet produce a lot of sweat in the body, the uniform accessory of choice is a knee sock that can absorb the perspiration while also keeping the feet cool and dry during vigorous sporting activities.

At the same time, nobody wants to wear boring socks if they can help it.

The solution is to round out your sporting look and uniform requirements with the popular neon green solid color all sport socks that are hugely popular with athletes who play softball, volleyball, soccer and other field sports that require knee high length protection for the legs.


While neon green is a hot color that is trending now with a lot of male and female sports fans and athletes, there are other neon colors being sold. For example, there are florescent turquoise, florescent blue and florescent red styles to name a few that are featured at great prices online.

In fact, this style of knee sock is featured in the following sizes:

- Adult size large 10-13, fitting men’s shoe size 8-12.

- Adult size medium 9-11, fitting ladies shoe size 4-9.

- Youth size 7-9, fitting youth shoe size 12-5.

In general, this style of knee sock is made from a high-bulk blend of nylon, polyester and acrylic with elastic reinforced sock opening so that your special sport socks never let you down by drooping after usual wear and tear.

Hot colored knee socks for all sports

Another aspect of the knee high style of hosiery is linked to a standard sock design that covers the feet, legs and just below the knee for protection when playing field and other sports that require protective clothing.

Also, there is a view from the fashion world that what was cool back in the Sixties – when knee highs were all the rage with girls who usually wore this type of sock as part of their school uniform, and for boys who wore knee socks for various sports – is now very cool in 2013 with more and more athletes and sports fans choosing knee highs.

While today’s knee high socks are sold in many colors and patterns, it is the solid neon colored knee highs that are hugely popular today with both males and females, say shoe experts.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awesome Sport Socks

Sports socks are about more than just making a fashion statement, they are about comfort and support as well. From wearing socks for baseball to classic soccer, sports socks are more versatile than ever before, and a total must-have in any athlete's closet. Any active individual can take advantage of super fun sports socks that they can wear while exercising, enjoying sports, or just to wear for the fun of having them. 

Whole teams can take advantage of awesome sports socks that are both trendy and beneficial to their feet while they play. Wild animal print socks in neon colors bring attention to any team who wears them out on the field, and are fun and trendy at the same time. These great socks support the arch of the feet, wick away sweat, and provide great heel protection while bringing out true team spirit at the same time. From leopard print to zany zebra stripes, sports socks are all about being versatile and fun for the whole team!

For individuals who really want to think outside the box when it comes to their socks, argyle and cowboy boots sports socks really draw the eye. These flashy colors adorn the leg of the sock so whoever wears them will really stand out in the crowd. Other fun designs include camouflage (in over 5 colors), funky neon stripes in lighter weight designs, and more! When it comes to awesome sports socks a person can have more fun than ever choosing great socks for their sport and activity while looking amazing at the same time. 

Sports socks also come in team colors for a more traditional look. Shoppers can enjoy socks with the classic stripes and colored toe and heel for an attractive complement to all their uniforms while still maintaining a cool look and feel to their socks. For those who want great sports socks without having to go too far over the edge, a classic look can still be attained while putting a little bit of personality into the mix.

Awesome sports socks is all about expressing personality and having a lot of fun. With so many colors, designs, options, and styles to choose from in quality sports socks, anyone can look great on and off the field and really make their uniform stand out. From casual wear to heavy activity, nothing is cooler than a great sports sock that offers amazing support while showing off a fun personality at the same time.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tiger Stripe Sport Socks

This season, fashion has been all about the big, bold, and statement making styles. For both men and women, animal prints have become a thing en vogue to own. Apart from being the trend setting statement that attracts the attention of school mates, animal prints have made a huge entry into the athletic field with boys and girls, most notably with the tiger stripe socks that have become one of the coolest fashion accessories today.

When it comes to sports, it's all about being the toughest and strongest competitor on the field. The tiger has made itself one of the most popular symbols of athleticism, mostly due to their longevity, stealth, hunting techniques, and overall beauty. Most young athletes admire this creature and the tiger stripe socks help to give athletes in summer camps, little league, middle league, or competitive fields the confidence boost they want to perform at their best on the fields.


The tiger stripe socks come in some of the coolest colors around. All about the neon, boys and girls can adorn themselves in the strong and bright colors of rich orange, sunshine yellow, fusion pink, lime green, and snow white socks, all of them bearing the tiger stripe symbols flanking the ankles and calf regions. 
These athletic socks come halfway up the calf and have a comfortable snug fit that doesn't tighten or irritate the feet in sneakers, cleats, or sport boots. These tiger stripes look amazing when the player is in full motion on the field. A fashion statement doesn't always have to be about the sneakers. Let your socks do the work of expressing your team spirit with these attractive designs.

These fashionable socks are so cool, but they're also really affordable. With such amazing prices, customers can buy as many pairs as they want to go with various shoes or outfits for the game or even for practice. Customers should note that these styles are best purchased online for the best deals, discounts, and selections available.

These socks make a great gift for the family member or friend who is very much into sports, working out or taking up various classes, like yoga or Pilates. Anyone who gives them a try is going to love the look, feel and attention that comes from wearing the newest and coolest design in sports today.

You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the comfort that these socks provide. Designed for the athlete's foot, these socks have the structure, high quality materials, and shape that athletes love. However, if you're into distance biking, working on long art projects, horticulture, or simply love running around with your kids, friends, or family members, you'll be satisfied when you buy these socks. Great for brisk walks, these socks are so much more than a fashion choice – not only do they look and fit great, they also feel great! To purchase these socks, the best method is to find them online through their merchant. Don't wait - get yourself a pair today. Give your athletic gear a whole new boost of energy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Symbol of Continued Awareness

Breast cancer has touched the lives of women for thousands of years, as mentioned throughout history. It was an uphill battle because women saw the affliction as mysterious, and felt embarrassed to discuss it with their doctor. This embarrassment meant diagnosis and cure were rare. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the medical community saw this suffering of women as a disease, attacking the breasts and the lymph nodes surrounding them. Since those early times, we’ve come a long way. You would never believe today, that there was a time when women were afraid to come forward if they thought they had breast cancer. Thanks to celebrity involvement, organizations such as Susan G. Komen Foundation and literature created about the disease, awareness of this disease is no longer an issue for most people. Women and men alike now know that breast cancer can happen to anyone, so it’s no surprise that they are willing to take the necessary steps to try to prevent this deadly disease and to diagnose it during it’s early stages, when more effective treatment can be given and a cure is possible. 

The path to breast cancer awareness and treatment was not an easy one. It is paved in the sorrow of women, who fought a long battle to show other women that they shouldn’t be embarrassed by it, and to bring breast cancer to the forefront of the medical community. It’s appropriate that a symbol would represent not only the struggles of the past, but also the attempts being made today to eradicate this destructive cancer. That symbol is the breast cancer ribbon. The Pink Ribbon represents a revolution that needed to take place, in order for women to be more knowledgeable and to not be afraid to come forward, if they suspected that this cancer was possible for them.

In addition to wearing the ribbon itself pinned to an article of clothing, other garments have been created to promote awareness. One such piece of clothing is the breast cancer armband, along with T-shirts, socks, hats and just about any other garment the ribbon can be printed on.  Breast cancer armbands represent the courage of women as they continue the fight against breast cancer; it’s a symbol of how far they’ve come, and how far there is to go. It’s a reminder for women to never again feel as if they should be embarrassed by a potential diagnosis - to not allow breast cancer, or the possibility of it, to take control of their lives and families.

The symbolic Pink Ribbon will always be a part the revolution of women’s struggle against breast cancer. Now we have breast cancer armbands, along with the many other garments decorated with images of pink ribbons, which serve as the symbol of continued awareness and of keeping this deadly disease on the forefront of the medical community and to let those who may be afflicted know that they are not alone in their struggle. To once and for all, find the cure and to promote more effective treatment for breast cancer.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Polka Dot Soccer Socks - Funky & Cute

For many years, soccer socks have been worn to protect the legs and feet while playing the sport. The socks prevent scraping due to shin guards and impact to the shin guards. The length of the socks help to protect the legs from minor damage, and to absorb some of the sweat produced from the body. These socks are a necessary and important component to any person’s soccer interest.

However, for the most part, soccer sports socks designs are the same everywhere: traditional, ordinary, simple, and drab. These cool polka dot soccer socks bring to the table fresh new designs for these vital sportswear accessories. These socks are an interesting combination of dainty and bold. They are knee-high, with the exception of the dotted footies. They come in a generous range of colors and designs, from dazzling gold polka dots on black, to assorted colors of polka dots on white, to striking fluorescent pink on white, bold orange dots on black, black dots on fluorescent green, white socks covered in purple zebra stripes and dots, and many more. The socks range in colors all over the spectrum. They will never fail to entertain and appeal to the eye. These socks will definitely make you stand out and give your team the fashionable advantage. Your teammates and those of the opposing team will undoubtedly envy your sense of daring sportswear on the field.

These socks are not only an intriguing addition to any soccer team’s appearance, they are also a frugal choice for those who do not want to pay an unnecessary amount of money on sports socks. Soccer socks on average usually range from around $6 to $20 depending on where you look, and most of the time they are priced at above 10$. The polka dot soccer socks are $8.99 each. Upon ordering, the socks are shipped promptly. They will be shipped by the next business day. Sizes come in Youth and Adult Medium, are made of 76 percent acrylic, 15 percent nylon, seven percent polyester, two percent spandex, and are made in the United States of America.

Polka dot soccer socks are a great choice when looking for something unique and affordable that will definitely make an attractive and bold fashion statement that will demand attention, while protecting an individual’s legs and feet from the harshness of the sport. It is a great choice for those looking for something a little eccentric and out-of-the-ordinary.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Women's Softball Socks - The Variety is Endless!

Socks are an important part of any wardrobe and for a women's softball team, socks are more than just part of the uniform.

Womens softball socks are more of a fashion statement than anything these days. What had once been simple, and without design, can now be purchased in more colors and designs than anyone could imagine. This makes womens softball socks the perfect piece of clothing to compliment any outfit. And if the goal is to stand out, and make a statement, then look no further. 

It doesn't matter whether a single pair is needed or if the whole team needs new socks, purchasing these amazing socks will always mean getting a great deal. They come in a wide variety of different styles to choose from but the most popular would have to be the knee high tube socks. These classic socks are perfect for casual attire or for playing in the finals. They're just the perfect all around sock.

If a bit more style is desired, then a pair of novelty striped softball socks might be worth considering. These socks make a statement each and every time they are worn. The only problem is that figuring out the exact statement they are making can be tricky. Whatever the case, a pair of novelty striped softball socks works every time and is well worth the buy.

As mentioned earlier, variety is never an issue with softball socks for women. The wide range of colors available will keep any sock lover happy and for good reason. Some of the favorites would have to be the pink and the orange softball socks. These socks are so colorful and vibrant, not to mention that they keep their color quite well.

For the animal lover, there is a nice selection of animal design socks to choose from and they are loved by adult and child alike. From bunny rabbits to butterflies, these fun socks are a hit with anyone. They even come in combination designs so mixing yellow and black striped bottoms with bumblebee tops is easy when purchasing softball socks for women.

There are occasions that call for special designs to be placed on pieces of clothing and softball socks work just as well if not better than any other option. Socks commemorating Autism and Breast Cancer Awareness can be purchased in single pairs or bulk pairs as well. There is always a statement that can be made, with softball socks for women, and if a statement is going to be made, then why not make it a meaningful one.

With all of the different ways in which these terrific socks can be worn, it's fantastic to find them in so many different varieties. If there is an outfit to complete, there is a pair of softball socks that will match it perfectly. And if an entire softball team should decide that they want to make a team statement, there is a design that will help to accomplish that goal as well.

From camouflage to ice cream and cupcakes, the possibilities are endless with womens softball socks so pick up a pair today!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blue Baseball Socks - A Great Choice

Every game demands that it be played while wearing the right attire. In the case of baseball, one of the most important pieces of attire that should never be dismissed is the wearing of the right type and make of socks. The socks are usually available in different colors, sizes and designs. Blue baseball socks in particular are among the very best, for they can be worn by both genders and can actually match with most any kind of uniform that has been designated for a team.

Apart from wearing the socks of the right color, it’s important to ensure that the socks have other additional features. Some of the unique features that are incorporated into the socks to ensure that they are highly comfortable include:

• A built in arch and ankle support

• A gripper toe to ensure that the socks never slide or sag

• A padded foot-bed to help in protecting the sole as well as the player’s heel

• Calf or knee high socks to ensure that the whole leg is protected during play

• A y-heel lock to ensure that the socks remain in place even when one is running

The comfort of the socks is further determined by various factors. For instance, the socks have to have arch, heel and ankle support as well as a fully cushioned foot-bed. Socks with these features play a big role towards ensuring that the wearer is protected from any kind of fatigue or muscle strain, and more so when shifting one’s weight at the plate, running bases or after shooting a line drive. In addition to this, the player never has to pull them up or adjust them because throughout the game, both the y-heel and gripper toes will keep the socks locked into place.

These baseball socks are made using the most comfortable materials, a combination of nylon, polyester, acrylic, spandex and elastic. The materials further enable the foot to wick away moisture from the skin thereby leaving the skin cool and dry. Due to this, the skin is less likely to be infected by bacteria regardless of the duration that one wears the socks.

Both men and women can therefore wear these blue baseball socks, regardless as to whether they are professional players or just those who like to play the game as a hobby. They can also be worn during other sporting events such as when working out or going for runs.

These USA made socks are available in just about any size. The sizes available include those for the youth as well as men’s and women sizes. The medium sized baseball socks can be worn by men who wear a shoe size 4-8.5 and women who wear a shoe size 7-10.5. The large sized socks can be worn by men who wear a shoe size 9-12.5 and women who wear a shoe size 11-12. The extra-large socks can then be worn by men who wear a shoe size 13-16. Above all, these blue baseball socks are sold at very pocket friendly rates.