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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Majestic Gator Socks

The poor neglected gator has been ignored for far too long. Many shiver at the tune they hear when a shark approaches, but where is the tune for the gator? That is what a gator asks. Where is his suspenseful tune? His cousin, the crocodile, has a tune too. It is a little more kiddish, but it is still a tune. All the formidable monsters of nature have laughed at him long enough. He is putting an end to this, but he needs your help. You need to spread the word. You need to spread the word that this creature can grow up to 14 feet long and weigh approximately 990 pounds, which should be astonishing to anyone and even more intimidating.

Is a gator slow? Yes, but that only shows patience. When the time is right, they move very quickly on their prey. You see, their eye is on the ball at all times. This is why representing a gator actually shows good character from your side. The mouth of the gator can kill his victim with one bite. This is done quickly and almost with no pain, and no wasted motion whatsoever. As you can see, if you are a compassionate person, then a gator should represent you too. 

Gator socks are exactly what you need. The design is of the majestic creature that shows some of the best human traits you can represent. The gator socks are both in green and neon green colors. What you see is the scales of the gator or the skin if you will. They are knee high socks. These would be great for those of you who are active in certain sports like soccer, volleyball or any other sport that requires long socks and a tough player. Just imagine the face of your opponent when you are hurdling towards them in your gator socks. The sign you are sending is that of a thousand charging gators coming their way. You are unstoppable; you, my friend, are a true gator.

"The Gator" is a good nickname to have. All you have to do is thank your socks for it. This bloodcurdling, cold-blooded beast will really let everyone know just what kind of competitor you are. These socks are high in quality, so they will last you a good long while. They are also quite comfortable, so you can wear them whenever you so desire. If you wear boots, then they've got you covered. So why consider them? The answer is within you and within the gator. It is really as simple as this, "Why not consider them?"


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