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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So Many Different Designs

Once upon a time socks were boring and nearly always made of plain white cotton but that is not the case anymore with all the new patterns including animal prints and pictures. These days, people enjoy making a statement head to toe that shows how unique they are. Fashion is one of the quickest ways of doing this and now it is easier than ever when it comes to wearing socks. You can even find leopard print socks among athletic type of sock. Nothing appears to be impossible when it comes to the different types of socks and designs that are available and always changing to make the wearer feel more comfortable.

When people finally got beyond everyday white socks, or solid ones, for that matter, athletes were still left with ordinary sports socks. For decades, at every soccer game a person went to, all they would see were the same old style of socks on the players. Most of the time, they were sweaty and heavily stained. Today sports competitors have more choice. Dark print socks cover up grass and sweat stains better on the field and are easier to get out when washing. Animal print such as zebra stripes or leopard print socks also give an athlete some fashion uniqueness while wearing the same uniform as everyone else. Athletic socks are even being designed to help people be able to stay drier by making it easier for sweat to evaporate. It can even prevent fungal infections such as athlete's foot. Socks and footwear that are breathable are so much more comfortable for those wearing them.

Socks, even sports socks, can still be considered as an accessory to someone's main outfit for the day. Anyone can own a variety of socks to match many different outfits. This is probably even more noticeable when wearing knee high socks that are uncovered by pants, skirts, or dresses. With a knee high sock exposed, others can see what is being worn. Well-matched socks can give a positive impression. It shows that there has been care and attention paid to what is being worn and offers a glimpse of personal organization. Even if they are covered up, a knee-high sports sock can provide extra warmth during the cold of winter that is not available with other types of socks.

For whatever the reason may be that anyone is wearing socks, their socks should always be comfortable and well liked. Sometimes putting something nice on your feet is relaxing when you are cold or tired. The changing fashion among socks is to the benefit of consumers everywhere. Now people can even have their feet individualized beyond a pedicure. Not everyone wants to show off their toes. From leopard print socks to those showing off crazy designs of tattoos or peace signs, there are socks for everyone.


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