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Thursday, July 18, 2013


These days it is not a big surprise when sports and fashion come together to establish a trend or a style. On a given day you’ll see a dozen or two sports logos or color combinations mixed into people’s everyday wardrobe. But sometimes a fashionable trend sneaks in under the radar. The appearance of old school baseball socks is exactly that kind of trend.

Where better to see this fashion taking shape? In professional baseball, of course. In June there was a special night in St. Petersburg, Florida when the Tampa Bay Rays, as a team decided to have some fun and they all wore some traditionalist baseball socks. They were scheduled to play against the San Diego Padres, and when they took the field all of the Rays were wearing navy-colored socks with a white stripe and a pale blue stripe.

As you’ve probably heard, many baseball players are notoriously superstitious and getting some of them to change a clothing habit can be, let’s say, delicate. However, in baseball you discover that nothing can change a habit or superstition quicker than success, and that’s just what the Rays found out that night. Each and every one of their starting line-up batters that night got a hit in their first at-bat. When Rays manager Joe Maddon was asked about the old school baseball socks that the team was sporting in the game, he said, “This is a true tribute to old school here.” He added, “…whatever helps get a win, we’ll give it a go.”

It wasn’t all that long ago that some other sports also took a liking to the traditional style. Many tennis players and basketball players have worn them to add a flash of color to their ensemble. The fashion trend cuts across all age-groups as more and more people these days are sporting the old-school socks.

Teams that choose these types of socks usually look to match or contrast with their team jerseys or uniforms, which is pretty easy to do with the selection of colors that are available with these kinds of socks. It’s not unusual to see red-stripes with black uniforms, or blue stripes matched with a paler blue.

But, what if you aren’t an athlete and you’re looking for something fashionable to wear with your summer shorts? Just like the ballplayers, you can easily match or contrast colors to make your appearance sharp and energetic. Since this style goes up to mid-calf, lots of folks wearing jeans find that they can cross their legs without three inches of skin showing. The same fashion dynamic holds true for long skirts, while people who wear leggings find them especially comfortable and functional.

So why not get traditionalist and take a trip back to the Old School? You won’t be alone since more and more people are taking that trip as well. Enjoy your old school baseball socks for either sports or simply for everyday wearing.


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