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Friday, July 26, 2013

Boys Love Those Crazy Socks

They come in all colors, and styles. Crazy socks for boys are very popular. They have super hero socks with capes that look like they will make a kid take off into space. The cool thing about these socks is that it doesn't matter the age of the kid wearing these socks. It seems that the older kids enjoy this craze as much as the younger ones. These kids get together and show off what they have on their feet, which often results in friendly competition amongst their peers.

It can almost be compared to sports trading cards or matchbox cars when they were popular. Not sure what I mean by this? Well, think about when trading cards were really popular; boys would get together and see who had coolest cards, with the best players. They'd compare notes and literally make it their mission to get the best cards, which of course at times would boost a kids popularity. Same thing goes for the Matchbox cars. Boys would get together and bring out their cars to see who has the hottest, nicest, fastest cars. 

Parents get really involved with this craze, trying to find the most unique socks possible. After all, they too realize how cool it makes a kid appear. Some parents even design socks for the kids in hopes to help with the popularity factor.

This crazy sock fad is so popular that even the girls are into it. Hey, there many popular basketball players that are into the crazy socks. There are several celebrities that have their own crazy sock brands. 

This has gotten so huge that boys, grown men, celebrities, even girls have taken to social media outlets to show off their socks. Below are some examples of boys crazy socks:

Animal socks

Sports socks

Mismatch socks

Silly Jester socks

To name a few. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and can come up to the knee, or ankles. There are even toe socks.

And no matter how fun this craze is, let’s not forget these socks also play a practical function. These socks, typically thick in the soles, are incredibly comfortable and efficient for a number of activities. Playing sports like soccer, basketball or football will be all the more safe for wearing these crazy socks. And other activities like running, walking, biking, hiking or even golfing will be made more comfortable when wearing a pair of cushion-soled, supportive socks that are also on trend. Don't box boys into just wearing this fad for fun; it can also work into an everyday wardrobe.

In conclusion, it seems that boys crazy socks are very popular and doesn't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The most amazing thing about this fad is that it doesn't matter the age, or background -  boys everywhere are having good, clean, fun showing off their unique styles. It seems to boost self-esteem and promotes creativity. Crazy socks are a popular craze that is here to stay.


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