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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Matching Socks and TShirt? No Problem!

Socks have been the most overlooked, unappreciated piece of clothing for the longest time and for good reason. They have always been considered, simply, the material that was placed on one's feet, prior to putting on a pair of shoes, for the purpose of keeping the shoes from developing foot odor. There has never been a better reason to wear a pair of socks and that is a known fact.

This has steadily changed over the past few years as companies that sell specialty socks have popped up everywhere, offering a fantastic alternative to the all too boring sock. Gone are the days of the bland, boring white sock. In fact, socks have begun to gain so much popularity that there are now companies that sell nothing but socks and they continue to grow. One of the most popular socks, with companies that sell specialty socks, are mens colored crew socks.

Crew socks, in and of themselves, have always been the most favored of sock types, simply because of the length, fit and feel of the sock itself. And then along came mens colored crew socks. Colored crew socks are incredible in that they come in such a wide variety of different colors that color coordinating is, absolutely, never an issue. It doesn't matter what type or color of outfit it is that you are wearing; there will always be a colored crew sock available that will help make the outfit look even better.

There really is a "never ending" variety of colors available and that is no exaggeration. And colored crew socks for men come in more than just simple solid colors. If there is an outfit that is need of color enhancement, then these bright little gems are perfect for the job!

If the variety of colors available weren't enough, then the material used in making colored crew socks for men just might be. Made with a very soft acrylic fiber, colored crew socks are about as comfortable as socks get. The comforts of these crew socks are without compare and when combined with the fantastic look, become absolutely unbeatable. There is no other sock out there today that will have the ability to provide all of the comfort plus the never ending variety of colors available in colored crew socks for men and that is an undeniable fact.

Why miss out on the opportunity to finally enjoy all of the benefits that come with purchasing mens colored crew socks? Pick up a pair today, in fact pick up two, and start giving that boring outfit of yours a color boost. You definitely won't regret it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Boys Love Those Crazy Socks

They come in all colors, and styles. Crazy socks for boys are very popular. They have super hero socks with capes that look like they will make a kid take off into space. The cool thing about these socks is that it doesn't matter the age of the kid wearing these socks. It seems that the older kids enjoy this craze as much as the younger ones. These kids get together and show off what they have on their feet, which often results in friendly competition amongst their peers.

It can almost be compared to sports trading cards or matchbox cars when they were popular. Not sure what I mean by this? Well, think about when trading cards were really popular; boys would get together and see who had coolest cards, with the best players. They'd compare notes and literally make it their mission to get the best cards, which of course at times would boost a kids popularity. Same thing goes for the Matchbox cars. Boys would get together and bring out their cars to see who has the hottest, nicest, fastest cars. 

Parents get really involved with this craze, trying to find the most unique socks possible. After all, they too realize how cool it makes a kid appear. Some parents even design socks for the kids in hopes to help with the popularity factor.

This crazy sock fad is so popular that even the girls are into it. Hey, there many popular basketball players that are into the crazy socks. There are several celebrities that have their own crazy sock brands. 

This has gotten so huge that boys, grown men, celebrities, even girls have taken to social media outlets to show off their socks. Below are some examples of boys crazy socks:

Animal socks

Sports socks

Mismatch socks

Silly Jester socks

To name a few. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and can come up to the knee, or ankles. There are even toe socks.

And no matter how fun this craze is, let’s not forget these socks also play a practical function. These socks, typically thick in the soles, are incredibly comfortable and efficient for a number of activities. Playing sports like soccer, basketball or football will be all the more safe for wearing these crazy socks. And other activities like running, walking, biking, hiking or even golfing will be made more comfortable when wearing a pair of cushion-soled, supportive socks that are also on trend. Don't box boys into just wearing this fad for fun; it can also work into an everyday wardrobe.

In conclusion, it seems that boys crazy socks are very popular and doesn't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The most amazing thing about this fad is that it doesn't matter the age, or background -  boys everywhere are having good, clean, fun showing off their unique styles. It seems to boost self-esteem and promotes creativity. Crazy socks are a popular craze that is here to stay.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So Many Different Designs

Once upon a time socks were boring and nearly always made of plain white cotton but that is not the case anymore with all the new patterns including animal prints and pictures. These days, people enjoy making a statement head to toe that shows how unique they are. Fashion is one of the quickest ways of doing this and now it is easier than ever when it comes to wearing socks. You can even find leopard print socks among athletic type of sock. Nothing appears to be impossible when it comes to the different types of socks and designs that are available and always changing to make the wearer feel more comfortable.

When people finally got beyond everyday white socks, or solid ones, for that matter, athletes were still left with ordinary sports socks. For decades, at every soccer game a person went to, all they would see were the same old style of socks on the players. Most of the time, they were sweaty and heavily stained. Today sports competitors have more choice. Dark print socks cover up grass and sweat stains better on the field and are easier to get out when washing. Animal print such as zebra stripes or leopard print socks also give an athlete some fashion uniqueness while wearing the same uniform as everyone else. Athletic socks are even being designed to help people be able to stay drier by making it easier for sweat to evaporate. It can even prevent fungal infections such as athlete's foot. Socks and footwear that are breathable are so much more comfortable for those wearing them.

Socks, even sports socks, can still be considered as an accessory to someone's main outfit for the day. Anyone can own a variety of socks to match many different outfits. This is probably even more noticeable when wearing knee high socks that are uncovered by pants, skirts, or dresses. With a knee high sock exposed, others can see what is being worn. Well-matched socks can give a positive impression. It shows that there has been care and attention paid to what is being worn and offers a glimpse of personal organization. Even if they are covered up, a knee-high sports sock can provide extra warmth during the cold of winter that is not available with other types of socks.

For whatever the reason may be that anyone is wearing socks, their socks should always be comfortable and well liked. Sometimes putting something nice on your feet is relaxing when you are cold or tired. The changing fashion among socks is to the benefit of consumers everywhere. Now people can even have their feet individualized beyond a pedicure. Not everyone wants to show off their toes. From leopard print socks to those showing off crazy designs of tattoos or peace signs, there are socks for everyone.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


These days it is not a big surprise when sports and fashion come together to establish a trend or a style. On a given day you’ll see a dozen or two sports logos or color combinations mixed into people’s everyday wardrobe. But sometimes a fashionable trend sneaks in under the radar. The appearance of old school baseball socks is exactly that kind of trend.

Where better to see this fashion taking shape? In professional baseball, of course. In June there was a special night in St. Petersburg, Florida when the Tampa Bay Rays, as a team decided to have some fun and they all wore some traditionalist baseball socks. They were scheduled to play against the San Diego Padres, and when they took the field all of the Rays were wearing navy-colored socks with a white stripe and a pale blue stripe.

As you’ve probably heard, many baseball players are notoriously superstitious and getting some of them to change a clothing habit can be, let’s say, delicate. However, in baseball you discover that nothing can change a habit or superstition quicker than success, and that’s just what the Rays found out that night. Each and every one of their starting line-up batters that night got a hit in their first at-bat. When Rays manager Joe Maddon was asked about the old school baseball socks that the team was sporting in the game, he said, “This is a true tribute to old school here.” He added, “…whatever helps get a win, we’ll give it a go.”

It wasn’t all that long ago that some other sports also took a liking to the traditional style. Many tennis players and basketball players have worn them to add a flash of color to their ensemble. The fashion trend cuts across all age-groups as more and more people these days are sporting the old-school socks.

Teams that choose these types of socks usually look to match or contrast with their team jerseys or uniforms, which is pretty easy to do with the selection of colors that are available with these kinds of socks. It’s not unusual to see red-stripes with black uniforms, or blue stripes matched with a paler blue.

But, what if you aren’t an athlete and you’re looking for something fashionable to wear with your summer shorts? Just like the ballplayers, you can easily match or contrast colors to make your appearance sharp and energetic. Since this style goes up to mid-calf, lots of folks wearing jeans find that they can cross their legs without three inches of skin showing. The same fashion dynamic holds true for long skirts, while people who wear leggings find them especially comfortable and functional.

So why not get traditionalist and take a trip back to the Old School? You won’t be alone since more and more people are taking that trip as well. Enjoy your old school baseball socks for either sports or simply for everyday wearing.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spread the News with Pink Breast Cancer Socks

Every October is breast cancer awareness month, but cancer affects lives every day, which is why you should consider showing your support for those that are fighting breast cancer year round. You can easily do this with some great pink breast cancer socks. Socks are an easy way to support those with cancer since you need a pair to wear every day and they are a great accessory for showing off your own personal preferences. With plenty of socks to choose from, it should not be a problem to find a great pair of socks that match your personality and convey the message you want.

Some people like short socks made for athletic purposes. These types of socks allow your feet to breath and do not suffocate your ankles. You can easily get this type of sock and more if you shop at the right place. There is still a small ankle area around the top of the sock, so you can easily find socks that have the words “cancer sucks” imprinted around them. Some people prefer to just have the pink ribbon symbol embossed onto the anklet so that they can show their support is a more dignified manner.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to picking out the right pink breast cancer socks for you. There are many more styles of socks and many more prints that you can choose from. If you want to show your support but are not big on logos or wording you should think about just purchasing some checkered pink socks. You can go ankle length or calf length if you like the feeling of a longer sock. If you really want to make a splash with your great socks. consider going knee length and make sure that everyone can see the message on your pink breast cancer socks.

If you are going for a big splash with some knee socks, then take another look at the logo socks, because checkered prints are fun, but so are logo socks with the ribbons running up the side of your leg. Tossing in bright neon pink and maybe the words “cancer sucks” certainly will not hurt the situation at all. Regardless of what length you decide to go with, you should enjoy wearing your pink socks on every occasion that you can, so that you can catch the attention of friends, family members or even just anyone who crosses your path while you are wearing them. Everyone that we make aware of the struggle so many people are dealing with every day is a good day.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leopard Print Socks

Youth and creativity go hand in hand and leopard socks are just waiting to be found by the fashionable mavens of today. Edgy and sharp, this is the cool in socks. If you haven't seen or tried them, you are missing something tremendous. You'll fall in love at first sight of these grand and wonderful "wonderland" of socks.

Candy colored leopard prints will make you fall in love with socks all over again. Usually, these fascinating colors and designs only come out during the holidays, but now you can get them any time at all. Just having them in your drawer will perk you up in the morning. The colors are incredible, and if your visually oriented, you could even say they're sensual. Yes, sensual, and that implies sexual. Grrrowwlll!

Make you team members feel fast and ready to 'pounce', with their leopard print socks. Get to the tigers and the lions in your neighborhood with these wild and wooly socks that are beautiful and alluring at the same time. The times are gone when fashion had nothing to do with sports. These candy colored leopard
 socks will make you go wild with energy and animation for your team. Just putting on these socks will make your day. The beautiful spring colors will make you want to get out and play in the sunshine and have fun. The beautiful, sunny colors will do the same; the clever animal design will make you happy, and the whimsical thought behind them will stay with you for hours. It’s like wearing candy on your legs, even if nobody else can see them.

The bright colors are sensual, and sexy, and even light and frivolous. Whatever your need, the playfulness  and fun these socks evoke will please even the most serious and down to earth ball player of any sort. 
You might even use them for other things, dare I say; the youth of today are always inspired by new and unexpected ways to use fashion.

So, if you haven't found the find of the season, you should check out the socks that come in the most astounding colors; those that evoke happiness and flowers. The lavender ones alone are worth their value in kind. They're edgy and so cool, you'll want to tell all your friends and talk about them as well. Take a picture to send to your friends; they to will fall in love.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tie Dyed Softball Socks Make You Smile

What is nicer on a summer afternoon than the visual delight of sherbet and "Dreamsicle" socks to quench the eyes of a world “thirsty” for beauty. Everyone should try socks that are whimsical and fun. Tie dyed socks are much more beautiful than they used to be.

First of all, very few companies had them. The wonderful things about these colors is that tie dyed softball socks make the rest of your uniform as beautiful and playful as summer itself. It's great to be able to wear a bit of whimsy while you play, making the game even more enjoyable. The youth and not so “youth” today aren't afraid of color when they suit up for a game. People used to take themselves much more seriously when playing games in their leisure time, and after all, if you can't play with your leisure time, then what can you do?

Boys as well as girls, men and women love these socks. In fact some look for ways to invent a reason for wearing them. They make great “sweaters” for really small (and groovy) dogs, and you get two for the price of one. Good quality dog sweaters are hard to find at a good value; and in the early spring and early fall, your dog can be a part of the team spirit as well. If you cut the ends off the really long ones, they make great fingerless gloves.

These colors are so beautiful and bright, you just search for excuses to wear them. Plus, lots and lots of people can look just like you. A splash of color is great on the field in the spring, summer, and even the fall. For some urban kids, it might be about all they get. The city isn't strong on color, unless it’s murals or something, that's why wearing color can be so much of a treat for some people. You can be the flowers and the colors that the country has naturally.

Children look like the flowers of our youth anyway. Celebrate it with tie dyed socks for any occasion, not just certain sports events. The psychedelic nature of the sixties is reflected in your socks, conveying a timeless message to all. Fashion should have levity sometimes, and these socks are musical beauty in essence. The visual impression is like a summer lollipop on your legs, just waiting to create a sensual delight to the eye.

Summary - tie dyed softball socks bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Majestic Gator Socks

The poor neglected gator has been ignored for far too long. Many shiver at the tune they hear when a shark approaches, but where is the tune for the gator? That is what a gator asks. Where is his suspenseful tune? His cousin, the crocodile, has a tune too. It is a little more kiddish, but it is still a tune. All the formidable monsters of nature have laughed at him long enough. He is putting an end to this, but he needs your help. You need to spread the word. You need to spread the word that this creature can grow up to 14 feet long and weigh approximately 990 pounds, which should be astonishing to anyone and even more intimidating.

Is a gator slow? Yes, but that only shows patience. When the time is right, they move very quickly on their prey. You see, their eye is on the ball at all times. This is why representing a gator actually shows good character from your side. The mouth of the gator can kill his victim with one bite. This is done quickly and almost with no pain, and no wasted motion whatsoever. As you can see, if you are a compassionate person, then a gator should represent you too. 

Gator socks are exactly what you need. The design is of the majestic creature that shows some of the best human traits you can represent. The gator socks are both in green and neon green colors. What you see is the scales of the gator or the skin if you will. They are knee high socks. These would be great for those of you who are active in certain sports like soccer, volleyball or any other sport that requires long socks and a tough player. Just imagine the face of your opponent when you are hurdling towards them in your gator socks. The sign you are sending is that of a thousand charging gators coming their way. You are unstoppable; you, my friend, are a true gator.

"The Gator" is a good nickname to have. All you have to do is thank your socks for it. This bloodcurdling, cold-blooded beast will really let everyone know just what kind of competitor you are. These socks are high in quality, so they will last you a good long while. They are also quite comfortable, so you can wear them whenever you so desire. If you wear boots, then they've got you covered. So why consider them? The answer is within you and within the gator. It is really as simple as this, "Why not consider them?"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

US Marine Corps Money Clip

There is something about an individual who carries a money clip with them in lieu of a cumbersome wallet. It says that they pack only the bare essentials, they know how to avoid the clutter that life can bring, and what they do carry with them, they carry with elegance and sophistication. This gold colored US Marine Corps money clip is the essence of that philosophy and style. 

The money clip is small. Being approximately two inches by one inch, it can easily fit in the smallest of pockets and feels light to hold and carry. The gold toned base metal has a brushed metal look that is both slick and elegant. You can safely carry your money as well as credit cards or photo identification in it.

Emblazoned on the bottom right of the US Marine Corps money clip is the official insignia of the US Marine Corps. The proud emblem consists of a globe with the western hemisphere and two major continents in view. It is intersected by an entangled anchor and mounted by a mighty bald eagle with its wings spread wide. In the official insignia, there is a ribbon, which is grasped by the eagle's beak, that states the Latin motto "semper fidelis" (always faithful).

Semper fidelis is the expression of brotherhood and bond that goes beyond superficial ties. It is about a brotherhood of commitment and one that can always be depended on. These words guide US Marines to remain focused and true to the mission, to comrades, to the US Marine Corps and to country, no matter what.

This money clip is perfect for those who have served or are serving in the US Marine Corps. It can be a discrete, metaphorical medal or a proud way to show their membership in one of the world's most elite military services. It also shows their support for the absolute standards and principles that the organization stands for (honor, courage, commitment). Standing proud as part of an organization that cheerfully declares themselves to be the first boots on the ground in any conflict around the world, the US Marine Corps is an esoteric and sacred brotherhood.

It is not often that fashion and style can combine with deep philosophical principles and not seem gaudy or forced. This money clip, with its simplistic design and chic color, manages to marry these things perfectly. As a gift or as a show of support for the military men and women in the US Marine Corps, this money clip is a wonderful purchase.