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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

US Marine Corps Money Clip

There is something about an individual who carries a money clip with them in lieu of a cumbersome wallet. It says that they pack only the bare essentials, they know how to avoid the clutter that life can bring, and what they do carry with them, they carry with elegance and sophistication. This gold colored US Marine Corps money clip is the essence of that philosophy and style. 

The money clip is small. Being approximately two inches by one inch, it can easily fit in the smallest of pockets and feels light to hold and carry. The gold toned base metal has a brushed metal look that is both slick and elegant. You can safely carry your money as well as credit cards or photo identification in it.

Emblazoned on the bottom right of the US Marine Corps money clip is the official insignia of the US Marine Corps. The proud emblem consists of a globe with the western hemisphere and two major continents in view. It is intersected by an entangled anchor and mounted by a mighty bald eagle with its wings spread wide. In the official insignia, there is a ribbon, which is grasped by the eagle's beak, that states the Latin motto "semper fidelis" (always faithful).

Semper fidelis is the expression of brotherhood and bond that goes beyond superficial ties. It is about a brotherhood of commitment and one that can always be depended on. These words guide US Marines to remain focused and true to the mission, to comrades, to the US Marine Corps and to country, no matter what.

This money clip is perfect for those who have served or are serving in the US Marine Corps. It can be a discrete, metaphorical medal or a proud way to show their membership in one of the world's most elite military services. It also shows their support for the absolute standards and principles that the organization stands for (honor, courage, commitment). Standing proud as part of an organization that cheerfully declares themselves to be the first boots on the ground in any conflict around the world, the US Marine Corps is an esoteric and sacred brotherhood.

It is not often that fashion and style can combine with deep philosophical principles and not seem gaudy or forced. This money clip, with its simplistic design and chic color, manages to marry these things perfectly. As a gift or as a show of support for the military men and women in the US Marine Corps, this money clip is a wonderful purchase.


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