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Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Always Soccer Season

The sport of soccer only requires a minimal amount of gear, which makes it an affordable sport for kids to play. Typically, all parents need to purchase is a good pair of cleats, some shin guards, and a few pairs of soccer socks for your kids. You can also purchase a practice ball for home if you like. 

Wherever you purchase the gear from, a salesperson or customer service representative can help you with sizing. Cleats go by the child's shoe size, and shin guards and socks have a few basic sizes. Shin guards should completely cover the shin area, from just under the knee to the top of the foot. They are worn under the soccer socks for kids. They can be just a plate that slides into the sock, or fit just like a sock, with an elastic strap at the bottom. Which kind your child wears is a matter of preference.

When it comes to the socks, most kids like them to be an expression of their personal style. Of course, they will need a pair or two that matches their game uniform, but for practice they will need a few more pairs, and they can usually be any style they like. Kids soccer socks come in fun colors and patterns, like neon, patterned with animals, polka dots, and argyle. Some other styles have awareness ribbons, plaid, holiday designs, tie dye, flowers and really, just about anything you can imagine.

As stated before, it’s great to have a few extra pairs of soccer socks for kids. Nothing is more frustrating than rushing out the door to practice and your child not being able to find a matching sock. With several pair you're sure to have a match! It's a great idea to use them for things like stocking stuffers at Christmas, or on top of a birthday gift. It never hurts to stock up, and kids do love the different fun patterns, which makes them an exciting gift.

Getting the right soccer gear for your kids not only keeps them safe, but also allows them to have fun with the sport. Hopefully, it will encourage them to stick with it, as sports are an important element in keeping kids healthy and happy. Once you've made your small investment in gear, all there is left for you to do is purchase snacks when it’s your turn, and sit back and cheer your kids on.


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