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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hey Mom – Do I Have Any Clean Socks?

If your kids need new socks for this summer’s activities, may we make a suggestion?  Go on the Internet and search for youth sport socks. Get a few pairs of the same style and that way if one the hopefully “very dirty from outdoors” socks gets lost, you’ve still got a spare for the next time.  And you know that’s going to happen! Though loss is less likely to occur if they are nice socks – one’s that your kid really likes.  It’s almost guaranteed that those socks won’t get lost; a) you’ve got a spare – that’s like insurance for socks and b) they won’t want to lose very cool-looking, comfortable socks.

Have you seen some the nice youth sport socks that available now on the Internet?  The selection is almost unlimited, so far as style, color and pattern are concerned.  The sport variety of sock has come a long way in the recent past.  Of course, they still have the same “Old School” striped basketball socks, the kind with the primary color double bands at the top.   In fact, “Old School” socks are so old, they’re in again…figure that.

There are sport socks with just about any pattern, prin
Got a young Chuck Taylor wearing, guitar playing hippy kid?  There are tie-dyed pairs in every imaginable color. They’ll match his custom-ordered All Star’s lining.

One great thing about sport socks is the fact that they are made to be comfortable; and they really should be if your kid is playing sports, or just playing around the yard. Another good thing is the way they’re made; to withstand a bit more wear and tear than the run-of-the-mill sock.  They usually have a nice, cushiony sole, and being designed to stay in place under stress, they tend to have a stretchy quality thanks to the wonders of Lycra which provides support and protection (think soccer).  And in conclusion, they wash very well and outlast five pairs of discount store socks.

If they’re going to be wearing shoes at all, at least when they’re engaged in outdoor, rough play or sports, help to make sure they’ve got on some good, substantial socks and shoes.  This way, if they want to go hike in the woods nearby let them do it. Don’t worry – they’ve got their cell phones.  If they’re wearing some of the longer styles of socks, they won’t get so scratched up by blackberry brambles and they may avoid poison ivy.

Are you planning on going anywhere to visit this summer?  It would be great to have a few new pairs for each of them, and for you, too. At some sites, you can save on shipping if you order multiples.  Have a great summer and enjoy comfy feet.
t, color or height in your child’s size.  Any kind of design, animal theme, plaid, stripes of any kinds are out there.  Does your daughter like a certain animal?  I’m sure there’s a sock with that animal on them.


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