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Friday, June 28, 2013

Girls Softball Socks - Designed for Fashion and Performance

 More girls are choosing to participate in outdoor sports such as softball. The team uniforms often worn by girls reflect their unique sense of style. While most of the boys’ uniform colors include shades of gray, green and navy blue, the girls’ colors tend to include more shades of pink. To help girls express their own unique style, there are several patterned socks available for use in playing softball.

Play Softball with Style

The array of patterned socks available for girls includes some pink and black softball socks as well as styles made with pink and gray. The socks designed with a checkerboard pattern incorporate colors of hot pink and black to create a fun style any girl would enjoy wearing to play softball. Girls who have a more fanciful nature might enjoy wearing the softball socks created with a polka dot pattern. This design has the pattern divided into two separate sections so the front of the sock has a pink background with black dots and the back of the sock has a black background with pink dots.

Pink and black softball socks are also available with trendier patterns, which includes the hot new animal prints. Girls who want to incorporate their personal fashion sense into their game can choose to wear the spotted leopard print socks designed with solid black toe, heel and cuffs. If their team name reflects a particular animal with a distinctively patterned coat, chances are that pattern can be found on a softball sock.

Fashionable Socks that Show Support

The socks created for girls’ sports can also show their support for a good cause. The pink and black socks come in many fashionable styles that also show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. The familiar pink ribbon can be seen in a variety of locations and patterns on these socks. These fashionable styles range from the simplistic design of the black crew style designed with a pink ribbon on the side, to the more dramatic knee high style with pink ribbons placed all over the black background.

Fashion Plus Performance

Girls who choose to wear the fashionable softball socks do not need to worry about sacrificing performance. All of the socks are designed to be comfortable and durable. The stitching around the cuffs, toes and heels is reinforced to last for a long time. The fibers used to create these socks are also chosen to be well suited for sports. The fabric helps take moisture away from the foot while remaining soft and comfortable. The high performance and durability of these socks is important when playing outdoor sports where girls might be sliding into base or running around the field.

All of the fashion forward styles of softball socks for girls are also available in sizes for women. Whether someone plays pro, semi-pro or just for fun, they can enhance their total game playing experience by wearing a pair of fashionable high performance socks.


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