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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Compression Stockings For The Arms Can Be Life Saving

We often see and hear of people who must wear stockings on their legs but seldom do we see or hear of compression stockings for the arms, also known as compression sleeves.  Athletes have started wearing them for performance enhancement, so happily, the people who manufacture them have started to produce them in far more attractive patterns and colors than ever before, and with much-improved comfort.

For the many people who wear them because of medical conditions, this new-found popularity has been a real boon, because compression wear has been greatly improved .  They become necessary due to a condition called lymphedema. This is a condition in which the lymphatic system is unable to perform its function and bodily fluid collects in the extremities unable to drain. The condition can affect both arms and legs.

 Sometimes the condition may be temporary following a surgical procedure, an invasive infection, or an injury that affects the lymphatic system. Often, diseases such as cancer and its chemotherapy treatments can result in a collection of lymph fluid.

Symptoms of the illness will include swelling of the entire extremity or possibly just a finger or toe. This may be accompanied by an aching heaviness. A patient may also experience a thickening or hardness of the skin. Along with exercise and massage, compression stockings are often be ordered by the doctor. 

Without treatment of this condition serious and sometimes fatal results can be seen. When blood is allowed to pool, the lack of proper circulation can lead to varicose veins or a more serious condition known as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Both of these conditions involve the formation of blood clots that can break off and travel to the lungs or heart causing life-threatening emergencies. 

Compression stockings for the arms, also called compression sleeves, like those for the legs, are made to be very form fitting in order to supply the needed compression. Until recently, they were not something known for the fashion statement they make, but for their life saving therapy that far outweighs their looks. Many people complained about the discomfort of these stockings and the fact that they were hard to use and even more difficult to keep clean. But now that they have become popular with those who play  sports, improved comfort and greatly improved design and appearance have been a great thing for those who need to wear them for health reasons.  They are now available in an amazing array of colors and styles.

Compression hose also comes with a fairly high price tag. If you are wearing them for a health condition, your physician may know of ways to get them for you at a lower cost or perhaps they will fall under the guidelines of your insurance coverage. Even if these cost saving ways are not available to you, do not fall prey to off brands that don't offer the quality you need. Taking good care of your hose will have them lasting you a long time. And with  new-found popularity of these compression hose and sleeves with athletes, their appearance and comfort has been greatly improved.


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