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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fighting for a Cure in a Fashionable, Sporty Way

Sports socks aren’t something usually at the top of the shopping list, but maybe they should be.

Breast Cancer is a serious issue and plenty of retailers are stocking products to help get the word out about Breast Cancer awareness and to help support the fight for a cure in a fashionable way. Most recently, pink sports socks have been hitting the shelves of numerous sports stores and websites. Well-known brands such as Nike, Red Lion and Under Armour sell pink sports socks. These special sports socks can be found in most sports stores.

Sports socks are usually available in all sizes and lengths for both genders, from a youth to an adult. While pink may sound like a small distraction when worn on the foot, think again. These “socks for a cause” come in various dark or light colors including black and white. The colored socks are decorated with pink Breast Cancer ribbons. And for those not afraid to show off their feminine side and wear a little pink there are several all pink socks availab

Pink sports socks can be worn for any sport including baseball, football and soccer. Designed with athletes in mind sports socks make style, comfort and performance a guarantee. Sports socks can be bought as a pair or in packages of multiple pairs and generally cost between $12 and $30 depending on the retailer. Some retailers will give 15% or more of the proceeds to The American Cancer Society. This percentage may vary depending on the retailer.

Pink isn’t just for women. Sports teams around the world have used this method to get the attention of Breast Cancer awareness supporters. Some teams, including the entire National Football League (NFL) require their players to wear pink during Breast Cancer month. During October, Breast Cancer month, the NFL helps out by requiring the players, coaches, officials and cheerleaders wear pink. After the games are over, the NFL auctions off the pieces in order to benefit The American Cancer Society and team charities. In fact, NASCAR’s Dale Jarrett was one of the first people to join in the cause; quite a few years ago, he drove a car painted with the colors and symbols of the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

Close to a million people are diagnosed with some type of cancer each year. This terrible disease has affected mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and grandmothers. Fortunately the American Cancer Society has done a lot to help prevent and treat Breast Cancer in millions of women today. Help the fight and purchase a fashionable pair of sports socks and give fuel to this quest for hope.


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