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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tired of Boring Softball Socks?

One of the most important things for a softball team, or any sports team really, is a unified look. Caps, shirts, pants, and for serious softball players, the socks, all have to be the same. However, just because everyone on the team needs to look the same, that's no reason for a uniform to look boring. To that end, a team that wants to stand out for its look as well as its performance should invest in crazy softball socks to make sure it makes an impression that no one who comes to a game will forget any time soon.

What Are Crazy Softball Socks, Exactly?

When one thinks of softball socks, or their forerunners, which would be baseball socks, the image is probably pretty bland. Knee socks that get tucked under the short pants that ball players wear, the socks tend to be white, though they might occasionally have a stripe of color up the side of them. That isn't terribly exciting, and what's worse, white socks can be a real pain to keep clean from game to game. This is especially true for players that are looking to use the same socks from one season to another. Patterned socks though, can kill two birds with one stone.

Crazy softball socks, while they conform to the knee length requirement that softball socks have, are a lot more colorful and a lot more design heavy than more traditional socks can be. They come in a base color, and on top of that base color there could be softballs, bats, slogans, letters written in fire, or really any sort of design that a team captain can think of that someone could put onto a sock. It certainly catches the eye, and it makes a team that much more unique on game day than they would have been otherwise.

Always Check the Rules First!

While zany socks might sound like a great way to add spine to a softball uniform, it's important to always check before telling the team to go crazy with their designs and details. Many leagues, college and high school, have rules about what players can and can't wear as part of their uniforms. To that end there could very well be provisions that say what designs are and aren't allowed, as well as what colors have to be worn during a game. While it might not be as much fun, breaking the rules is a sure way to get thrown out of a game, or to spend it on the bench.  But if you are playing softball in a more casual venue, for example, teams formed from employees at a business, a more casual dress code may be allowed.

On the other hand, no one said that softball socks were only for those who actually played the game. For those who like knee high socks for their warmth and comfort, there's no reason to wear boring, normal white when there's so many other options available. It might cost a little bit more, to be fair, but when does looking good come really cheap? This is especially true if someone wants to get some kind of custom fashion item for themselves.


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