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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Making a Bold Statement

Fashion statements can at times be symbolic for a common cause amongst a group of individuals. They can also be a way for a person to express their thoughts, ideologies or feelings. For whatever reason people choose their garments, a person or group’s choice of clothing tells a story of the people wearing them.  If a person or group wanted to represent a sense of power, energy, a charge to action and/or intensity then a great garment representation of this type of ideology would be lightning bolt socks. This is indeed a message to all who sees that the person wearing this garment is bringing an energy that is sure to have a great effect on the atmosphere of a event that they participate in.

When lightning bolts race through the sky it sends fear and panic through many who see them. It forces people to run for cover, stay away from windows and certain electrical gadgets. This is because people recognize the power of what lightning can do. What better way for a sports team to represent themselves and what they are about to bring to a game than the entire team wearing unified lightning bolt socks. On the football field, opposing teams would know they are in for 60 minutes of hard hits and devastating take downs. On the basketball court, opposing teams would recognize from the start that they are going to be run up and down the court ferociously and nonstop. This type of garment sends a clear message that a team is serious about giving their opponents all they can handle in order to achieve victory. And just like when lightning appears in the air, everyone better run for cover when that team comes to play.

Lightning bolt socks are also a great personal expression for individuals. Many individuals in today’s society suffer greatly from low self-esteem. They do not see themselves as people of strength and great qualities. As people fight their inner feeling of inferiority, they can
use a boost to show all who they encounter that the have no lack of self-confidence. The lightning symbolism can be a great way for individuals to express to society that they have an ideology and voice that needs to be and will be heard. Sometimes clothes can help make the person. Many individuals feel a little extra confidence just by the outfits and ensembles they wear.

These lightning socks are a bold statement. And all who see them are sure to get the message loud and clear.

  Not only do these socks make a bold fashion statement; they also signal intent to excel and indicate an amount of self-confidence, a plus in any endeavor, not just sports


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