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Monday, April 29, 2013

Everybody Needs Monkey Soccer Socks!

Finding a gift for a younger relative may sometimes be a hard task, but simply looking at what they like makes it easier. Any children who are into sports will love something as whimsical and unique as monkey soccer socks. These are socks that are designed to be worn while children play soccer, or any other sport, for that matter. They offer plenty of coverage and protection from scrapes and scuffs, and hit right about at the knee. Any child who is interested in sports will love receiving a pair, and it takes the hassle out of finding a gift for them. These come in sizes made for kids, and with the extensive selection of colors, it is easy to find them for any child.

They come in several different colors, making it easy to shop for any child's tastes. These include colors like red, blue and pink. However, there are also other types of colors like florescent pink, purple and gold. There are enough colors available so that any child can get a pair in their favorite color. All of the children will look like little stars when they are out playing soccer or other sports in their monkey soccer socks. Also, for the adults who are interested in wearing some truly amusing socks, there is a size available for them as well. Children and parents could get matching pairs of these monkey socks, and it would make a great present for both.

These monkey soccer socks are made in the United States, which is a big plus for those who prefer to buy items that have been made there. It also features a cushioned acrylic foot that makes playing sports in these socks more comfortable. It also has a heel and toe construction, which can help children to avoid getting painful blisters and having sore feet when they come home after practices or games. These are well made, high quality socks, and any child will love showing these new monkey socks to all of their teammates.

These socks take the hassle out of finding a gift for a child or adult who enjoys playing sports. They are easy to find in all of their favorite colors, and that makes it easy for them to express their individuality out on the field. They are available in sizes that will fit most, and that makes it easy to find a pair that will work for almost anybody, which is one of the best things about giving socks as gifts. These are unique and amusing, and it is a great option for those who want to show some of their personal flair when they are out playing their favorite sport.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Making a Bold Statement

Fashion statements can at times be symbolic for a common cause amongst a group of individuals. They can also be a way for a person to express their thoughts, ideologies or feelings. For whatever reason people choose their garments, a person or group’s choice of clothing tells a story of the people wearing them.  If a person or group wanted to represent a sense of power, energy, a charge to action and/or intensity then a great garment representation of this type of ideology would be lightning bolt socks. This is indeed a message to all who sees that the person wearing this garment is bringing an energy that is sure to have a great effect on the atmosphere of a event that they participate in.

When lightning bolts race through the sky it sends fear and panic through many who see them. It forces people to run for cover, stay away from windows and certain electrical gadgets. This is because people recognize the power of what lightning can do. What better way for a sports team to represent themselves and what they are about to bring to a game than the entire team wearing unified lightning bolt socks. On the football field, opposing teams would know they are in for 60 minutes of hard hits and devastating take downs. On the basketball court, opposing teams would recognize from the start that they are going to be run up and down the court ferociously and nonstop. This type of garment sends a clear message that a team is serious about giving their opponents all they can handle in order to achieve victory. And just like when lightning appears in the air, everyone better run for cover when that team comes to play.

Lightning bolt socks are also a great personal expression for individuals. Many individuals in today’s society suffer greatly from low self-esteem. They do not see themselves as people of strength and great qualities. As people fight their inner feeling of inferiority, they can
use a boost to show all who they encounter that the have no lack of self-confidence. The lightning symbolism can be a great way for individuals to express to society that they have an ideology and voice that needs to be and will be heard. Sometimes clothes can help make the person. Many individuals feel a little extra confidence just by the outfits and ensembles they wear.

These lightning socks are a bold statement. And all who see them are sure to get the message loud and clear.

  Not only do these socks make a bold fashion statement; they also signal intent to excel and indicate an amount of self-confidence, a plus in any endeavor, not just sports

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tired of Boring Softball Socks?

One of the most important things for a softball team, or any sports team really, is a unified look. Caps, shirts, pants, and for serious softball players, the socks, all have to be the same. However, just because everyone on the team needs to look the same, that's no reason for a uniform to look boring. To that end, a team that wants to stand out for its look as well as its performance should invest in crazy softball socks to make sure it makes an impression that no one who comes to a game will forget any time soon.

What Are Crazy Softball Socks, Exactly?

When one thinks of softball socks, or their forerunners, which would be baseball socks, the image is probably pretty bland. Knee socks that get tucked under the short pants that ball players wear, the socks tend to be white, though they might occasionally have a stripe of color up the side of them. That isn't terribly exciting, and what's worse, white socks can be a real pain to keep clean from game to game. This is especially true for players that are looking to use the same socks from one season to another. Patterned socks though, can kill two birds with one stone.

Crazy softball socks, while they conform to the knee length requirement that softball socks have, are a lot more colorful and a lot more design heavy than more traditional socks can be. They come in a base color, and on top of that base color there could be softballs, bats, slogans, letters written in fire, or really any sort of design that a team captain can think of that someone could put onto a sock. It certainly catches the eye, and it makes a team that much more unique on game day than they would have been otherwise.

Always Check the Rules First!

While zany socks might sound like a great way to add spine to a softball uniform, it's important to always check before telling the team to go crazy with their designs and details. Many leagues, college and high school, have rules about what players can and can't wear as part of their uniforms. To that end there could very well be provisions that say what designs are and aren't allowed, as well as what colors have to be worn during a game. While it might not be as much fun, breaking the rules is a sure way to get thrown out of a game, or to spend it on the bench.  But if you are playing softball in a more casual venue, for example, teams formed from employees at a business, a more casual dress code may be allowed.

On the other hand, no one said that softball socks were only for those who actually played the game. For those who like knee high socks for their warmth and comfort, there's no reason to wear boring, normal white when there's so many other options available. It might cost a little bit more, to be fair, but when does looking good come really cheap? This is especially true if someone wants to get some kind of custom fashion item for themselves.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Allure of Star Softball Socks

Anyone can be an All Star, with these fantastic Star Softball Socks! 

Who could resist the magical, enchanting nostalgia of warm memories from their childhood? Take a trip back to that warm and fuzzy feeling with these wonderful Star softball socks. Take the living room, or the field, by storm as the center of attention, or wear them to keep your piggies warm and snug.

Whether the occasion be enjoying breakfast or taking your children to their first game, donning these 69% Acrylic, 23% Nylon, and 3% Spandex beauties with random star design is never a bad idea. The Star Softball sock comes in all sizes, from youth size 6-8-1/2(fits youth shoe size 12-4 or ladies shoe size 4-5) OR adult size Medium 9-11 (Fits Ladies Shoe Size 5-10 or Mens 4-1/2 to 8-1/2), and are 100% made in the good ole' US of A. 

The Star softball sock is available in several color combination options such as navy stars on white, florescent green stars on black, pink florescent stars on back, red, yellow, purple and many, many other color schemes and combinations for any person, gentlemen or ladies, and sure to match or compliment any wardrobe or team uniform. These socks will ensure you shine on, or off the field at any occasion, and are a glowing addition to any team uniform! Be sure to capture the attention of all your adoring fans in style!

Make your team stand out above all others with the flair and magic of these socks, appropriate for nearly any sport, including softball, basketball, and soccer. These socks even look good just lounging around on a lazy day! These quality socks are complete with cushioned acrylic foot, heel and toe construction that will withstand abuse time and time again (sure to protect your precious piggies from harsh, abrasive conditions in sport, or everyday use) and provide a comfortable, enjoyable experience to the wearer.

These socks are available in knee high, crew, and anklet styles to suit your preference any time, any day. Pick your favorite colors and express your individuality, or emphasize the affiliation of a group, club, or just match with your friends! With all these color combinations and options, you can't go wrong! Plus, who would not stand out in a pair of these magnificent socks?

Step up your game or bring some magic into your everyday with a brand new pair of Star softball socks today!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Soccer Socks Can Be Fun!

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer is played by people of all ages because it is fun to play and a great exercise. Teams exist from toddler age all the way up to senior leagues. Every great team needs a great uniform so that they look ready to play and are taken seriously by opponents. One crucial part to every uniform is sports socks.

Soccer socks come in many colors and styles. They don’t have to be plain or boring as many styles were in the past. These days, novelty soccer socks are a fashion statement that everyone who plays the game loves to make. Socks come in pretty much any color possible, even neons, pastels or two-tones. This makes it easy to find a match for the team uniform no matter what the colors or style.

Almost all sport socks are now manufactured to be symbols for causes and charities as well. Breast cancer and autism are just a couple of causes that have soccer socks to represent them. Patterned socks are also plentiful. Checkerboards, diamonds, hearts and dots are just a few of the limitless possibilities of novelty soccer socks. Teams with names like "The Flames" or "The Tigers" can get socks to match their logos as well. Socks with flames, stars and many different animals can be purchased for the whole team. Many companies also offer discounts if socks are bought for the entire team. There are so many different choices that virtually anyone with access to the Internet can find exactly what they are looking for with just a few minutes of searching.

Soccer socks are available for men and women as well as for children. These socks are great for casual wear also. It is not necessary to be on a soccer league to own a pair of adorable soccer socks emblazoned with a favorite theme. They are great gifts for any special occasion if there is a unique person that needs a unique gift on the list.

These novelty soccer socks have become quite popular with those who play the game. Peace signs, smiley faces or shamrocks can make boring socks look extra special. Striped, tie-dyed and patriotically themed varieties are also available for sale at very affordable prices. With so many colors and so many styles available, several pairs might be a better choice when buying them, because they are so cute that everyone will want to get some as well once they see them. They are perfect for any soccer team no matter what age or gender. With team discounts available, there is no need for any soccer player to go without this amusing and inspiring accessory to their uniform.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cyclone Socks

Sports socks are in their own field of footwear, and any athlete knows that the strength of their game is heavily dependent upon the type of socks they wear. From arch support to heel strengthening designs, sports socks can make the difference between comfort and injury for a lot of people who wear them, which is why choosing the right sock for sports can be such an ordeal. 

Cyclone socks make this process a bit easier for any strong athlete. These sports socks are durable in design and comfortable to wear, and come in trendy colors that allow any athlete to feel like they have the comfort they need while looking great at the same time. Athletes concerned about making sure that their sports socks match their uniform will be pleased with the variety of colors these socks come in.

For comfort, Cyclone socks have this area covered considerably. Material for these socks is absorbent and comfortable so the wearer can feel comfortable being active in these socks. Arch supporting fibers make this sock a durable and reliable choice of sock to wear for any athletic activity, from a light warmup to a game that lasts all day. 

For added comfort to the wearer, the length featured on these socks is a comfortable knee length, making them suitable for a variety of sports activities. These durable socks are great for soccer, baseball, football, softball, and many more events that require great coverage that feels comfortable at the same time. The versatile length is designed to make the socks great for many types of sports events.

If support is an issue for an athlete's sports socks, these socks make a great choice for their cushioned heel and toe supports. The material is breathable and sturdy, allowing them to be comfortable worn for daily active use. Since these socks are versatile, the wearer can feel comfortable choosing a single pair for their immediate needs since they can wear the same socks for extended periods of time without worry of losing comfort or ability. 

An athlete, in many ways, is only as strong as the socks they wear, and with Cyclone socks, any athletic individual can feel both sporty and stylish at the same time. For both comfort and easy wear, these great sport socks make an excellent choice for any active person. Whether someone is a beginner in sports or a true expert, these socks fit the comfort and needs of any type of athlete, and provide the comfort and support any person deserves to have on their feet.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get Colored Athletic Socks to Boost Your Workouts!

Colored athletic socks can add attitude and energy to your game. They can improve your performance and get your team rallying around the team colors. Socks are an important part of athletic apparel. They can provide your feet with ample cushion and wick away sweat so your feet stay healthy and dry. Choosing to get your socks in a bright color means that you take an ordinary part of your athletic wardrobe and amp it up. 

Athletic socks can be found in many colors. You can decide to go with basically any color you want. The Internet has many different websites available where you can buy socks. You will definitely be able to find the color you are looking for. You can get socks to match your team’s colors or choose them to contrast with your favorite pair of running shoes.

There are many different styles of sport socks that are available. You can choose the needs of whatever fits your particular sport or activity. There are special socks for soccer and rugby, designed to go over leg protection. You can get these in your team’s color so they match the rest of your uniform.

You don’t have to choose knee-high socks. If you’d prefer something else, they are available. You can get colored athletic socks that barely cover your ankle. These types of socks are great for runners and other no-contact sports. You can choose them in a color to complement or blend with your shoes, or to completely contrast with them and stand out. Whatever you prefer!

You can choose socks with patterns or designs as well. A lot of personal trainers think that dressing the part for an athletic competition encourages people to train harder and motivates them. It gives them energy and drive to feel themselves suited up for a big game or event. Even if you are participating in a league or competition, dressing the part can help you with your everyday workouts at the gym. Treating yourself to some bright new duds can help you spring into action and motivate you in your workouts more than ever before. Best of all, socks are inexpensive. You don’t have to invest in pricey new clothes in an effort to get yourself moving. Many pairs cost the same as a simple cup of coffee so you can even treat yourself to several different pairs. You can even buy some in every color of the rainbow. Get a pair of socks that go with every outfit you have. The possibilities are endless.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Themed Socks

“True love is like a pair of socks: you’ve got to have two and they've got to match”. This quote author is unknown, but with spring in the air, designer socks could possibly be a gift that a woman, man or child would really enjoy receiving, so the quote just seems apropos. Although matching is a relative term for today's fun socks.  Novelty or themed socks are just plain fun, comfortable, and unique, bringing a smile to everyone who wears them. Wearing socks in the comfort of home has always been a snugly feeling and now, with designers upgrading the fabrics with a plushy texture, socks are a great gift for the whole family.

Modern novelty socks fulfill a fashion niche, with socks conveying thoughts, ideas, holidays, recreational activities, artistic themes and so much more. These specialty-clothing items inspire people to be themselves, to show their independent and quirky styles. Socks are available in various designs, styles, colors and above all, functionality.

Artsy themed socks are the new fashion statements that are being worn and displayed by celebrities of both sexes. Specialty socks are proudly worn on our main streets in fashionable styles of varying lengths, heights and sizes. Sock types include thigh highs which have appeared on designer run ways, flip flop socks, knee highs, lacy Bobby socks, heel less, toe less, grippers and the popular five finger toe socks.

Themed socks are given out as gifts to highlight charity and fund-raising events, such as the “Knock Your Socks Off” for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization, the sock hops theme for the Special Olympics, car shows and celebratory sock activities to fight cancer. Other whimsical sock themes involve animals, flowers, food, music, sports, occupations, science, holidays, theme park characters, movie characters and any other imaginative themes anyone can devise.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Striped Soccer Socks

Soccer teams are often known for their colors and their uniforms, and socks are part of that complete picture. Soccer is widely popular among young children, teens and adults. There are private leagues and professional leagues and each team takes pride in their appearance and in being unique. Occasionally it is an individual player who wants to be unique on the team.

Striped soccer socks can be the uniform piece that sets a team apart, or they can be the item that sets a player apart on a team.

Striped soccer socks can still be conservative socks, such as a solid color sock with three subtle stripes in the cuff. Often this is a white sock with a color stripe that coordinates with the rest of the uniform, but the color pattern can be reversed. This same detail can be white stripes on a solid color. This is a very traditional soccer sock. An entire team would look good in these striped socks.

No one says socks must be subtle or conservative. There are soccer socks that are striped in a wide rainbow pattern, in bright and cheerful colors. The person who chooses these exuberant socks will be a standout on the team and at the games. That pattern in socks is just one type of stripe that shows playfulness and individuality. Consider that the same rainbow coloring or other multicolor stripes are available in a prism stripe of related colors.

Striped soccer socks are a simple description of some of the most unique sporting socks on today's market. There are animal stripes and stripes paired with spots to appeal to the whimsical soccer player or fan. Wearing soccer socks is not just reserved for soccer players. Soccer fans can show their support for a particular team by echoing the uniform colors in striped socks. They make a great sporty addition to casual outfits.

The sports lover may opt for common stripes of equal measure that go straight around or he may choose a more unique stripe. Soccer socks can come in many colors with diagonal stripes or stripes that are wrapped around the calves like cyclones or tornadoes. Soccer socks may be old school and traditional, with two or three colored stripes around the top, just below the cuff. That style of sock has been popular year after year. Stripes are an excellent opportunity to incorporate favorite team colors or colors of personal choice. The striped sock may feature two colors or seven because of the many stripe options.

Quality socks with unique combinations and patterns are the finishing touch for uniforms and sports regalia for the fan. The choices for self-expression are abundant with striped soccer socks.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soccer is Fun, and So Are the Socks!

Why is everyone going crazy over funny soccer socks? There is something irresistible about this new sock trend. This allows players and kids to show off their skills along with their sense of humor. Funny socks come in many different sizes, colors and designs. These comical socks are ideal for all types of seasons as well. Another example of creativity is to wear the socks at school. This will display the funny socks in full view and give each kid their own creative kick.

What is the big deal about pair of hilarious soccer socks? Essentially, this adds humor to the soccer field. The overall point of soccer is to have fun. It is also important for each kid to stand out and be different as well. With these comfortable soccer sock designs, you can be styling on the soccer field for the entire season.

These socks are comfortable and warm. They come in many different sizes as well as a wide range of options for patterns. Team discounts are also available, too. In fact, you can deck your entire team in funny socks. These will create a unified attitude as well as a humorous attitude on the soccer field. It’s a great thing when everyone is “in” on the joke. Since everyone can use a chuckle, they come in children’s and adult’s sizes.

Go the extra step and get a pair of hilarious soccer socks. They are ideal for holiday stocking stuffers and team gifts. There are a wide variety of funny soccer socks to choose from. In addition, you can choose from a wide array of colors and styles to fit all your soccer needs. They are great for indoor as well as outdoor events too. Funny socks can be worn all year round and surely make a positive statement. Whether you are at the big game or in practice, funny socks tend to lighten the mood in a collectively positive way. 

They are a great gift as well as a party favor. When the team has an end-of-the-season party, these humorous socks can be a way for the coach to put a smile on everyone's teams face, and leave them laughing until the next season. At your next event or birthday party, you can give away these funny socks as part of a grab bag. It is no wonder that these socks have become so popular over time. They make a stir as well as create a lasting impression. For a full view and selection, check out all the funny socks available. These mood-lifters are something you can buy for yourself or for the whole team. There are endless occasions and opportunities for wearing funny soccer socks.

If you're interested in checking out these soccer socks and so many other awesome sport socks and accessories, click here, and come visit us at Absolute Sport Socks.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books."
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

It's true. Having a large collection of socks is a comforting feeling. There seems to be a sock for every occasion. There's even a sock that 'cares.' Cancer awareness socks are one of the more quiet and fitting ways to show support for a disease that needs to be wiped out before one's lifetime.

When people think of clothing that pays tribute to the disease, most will mention pink shirts or pink hats for breast cancer. However, thinking about cancer goes way beyond just the cute baseball cap. Head to toe awareness brings so much to the cause and the feet are a great way to show strength and courage against the disease.

The pink ribbon is a worldwide symbol of breast cancer awareness. It's a brilliant concept with intelligent marketing for a very worthy cause. Cancer awareness socks are one more rewarding way to wear the international symbol to communicate one's allegiance to the cause.

Socks are wonderful because everyone puts them on and wears them for many occasions and activities. Socks featuring the breast cancer ribbon symbol can be seen in large numbers at sporting events. In fact, a team effort to bring awareness to the disease shows strength in numbers. Whether it's basketball, soccer, tennis, etc., a pair of busy running feet promoting the cause are an incredible feeling at games, tournaments and other sporting happenings.

A pair of cancer awareness socks can display a lot of creativity because socks are just plain fun. Instead of just plain pink for breast cancer, these adorable and stylish socks also come in lots of pretty patterns and colors, all stamped with the globally recognized pink ribbon. There are pink socks with dots, blacks socks with big pink ribbons or even white socks with tiny pink ribbons.

Socks can go to the spa, out on a jog, to classes, out to dinner and at home alone. Women, men and children can all support this wonderful cause. Socks are fashionable and never out of style. It's time the world puts a stop to the disease and socks are just another fine and noble way to taking the challenge. It's time to put on a pair!

To see a fantastic assortment of Breast Cancer Awareness socks, please click here.  This is a great cause to get behind, not to mention what very cool socks they are.