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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Fashionable Style of Athletic Socks with Stripes

People who participate in sports activities need to wear socks that provide comfort for their feet during times of activity. Sports socks are usually made with heavier material so they can add some cushion to the foot and also absorb moisture.  Athletic socks with stripes are designed with fibers that are both comfortable and absorbent. These socks are available in several styles with striped patterns knit into the surface to make them more visually appealing. The classic style of striped sock has an all white body with colored stripes placed along the top cuff.

In addition to the classic or old school style, there are also socks created with stripes covering the entire body of the fabric. One of the more fashionable and fun styles uses a rainbow of colors to create wide stripes along the entire length of the sock. This design makes these socks fun garments to wear with outfits not intended for sports activities. As a fashionable sock, it can be paired with jean shorts and casual flats. These socks can also be worn to add a festive look to a navy blue skirt worn with a matching blouse or sweater. 

Another fun type of design found in the athletic socks with stripes is the diagonal stripe. This design is available in two styles, which place colored stripes on a background of white. One style uses a classic two-tone design while the other combines three colors. The tri-colored diagonal striped socks uses two thin colored stripes in light and dark shades on a background of white. For example, the pastel green socks will have a pastel shade of green combined with a deep forest green alternating in diagonal stripes with white. This sock comes with a wide pastel green colored cuff.

People who really want to add some pizzazz to their sports uniforms or their everyday outfits can choose the sports socks designed with patterns of stripes and polka dots. These fanciful designs place several thin stripes on the upper body of the sock with dots covering the lower half and the foot. Variations on this whimsical design include socks with rainbow colored stripes and polka dots. The rainbow design is available on either a background of white or black.

Trendy styles of athletic socks with stripes also include some non-traditional patterns. The Mojo style uses a panel made of stripes as a central design on a background of white or black. These diagonal stripes have a swirl effect that curves around the calf of the sock. The Zipper pattern places the stripes along the back of the calf with matching solid colored sections placed on the toe and heel. These trendy designs can be used to spice up the look of any team uniform or casual outfit.

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