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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Soccer Socks For Kids

Soccer socks for kids add a new dynamic to the game of soccer for young people. They come in many different designs and colors. They come in different weights as well, which allow for a custom fit that provides better comfort.  Soccer socks are most commonly made with an acrylic, nylon, polyester and spandex blend. They have a cushioned foot, which gives support to the heel and also helps to prevent blistering, and a filament mesh top that increases airflow and ventilation.

Youth size soccer socks range from size 6 to 8-1/2 and are knee high in length. They come in fun, vibrant colors and add flare to any team uniform. If you have a little girl who is a little shy about getting on the field, then consider taking her out to shop for some fun soccer socks. She will not be able to wait to hit the soccer field to show off her new socks. There are fun socks available for both boys and girls and can be found in stores as well as online. The socks that kids wear on the soccer field make a statement about who they are and what they represent. These specialty socks come in so many patterns; striped, polka dot, plaid, flowers, camouflage, checkerboard, argyle and more.

Some very cool soccer socks for kids come in “awareness socks” too. The two awareness socks are for Breast Cancer Awareness and Autism Awareness. These socks not only raise awareness for breast cancer and autism, but their proceeds also go towards funding for these causes. Breast cancer awareness socks come in many different patterns; black socks with pink ribbons, white socks with pink ribbons, pink socks with white ribbons, argyle pink ribbon socks, checkered pink ribbon socks and more. Autism Awareness socks are cool looking white socks that sport the autism awareness puzzle pieces in primary colors. The puzzle pieces that are on theses socks represent the abstract thinking of an autistic child. Not only are these socks fun, but they also teach awareness to young kids and give them an appreciation for these causes.

Another trendy soccer sock is the soccer ball pattern sock. These socks come in various colors and each of them displays multiple soccer balls. Teams can coordinate their socks to match, or they can choose to mix and match their colors amongst their teammates. Leagues can also purchase different color socks for each team. No matter how these socks are styled, kids will enjoy sporting their socks as they proudly run down the soccer field wearing them.

Animal design socks are another popular choice among kids. Teams often choose to coordinate their animal socks with their team name. There are socks with pictures of gators, bumble bees, monkeys, giraffes, frogs, ladybugs, lions, tigers, butterflies and even fish.  Soccer socks for kids offer a way for kids to get excited about the game. Kids will proudly wear their special soccer socks to every practice and game.


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