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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silly Softball Socks

Silly softball socks are so popular with softball teams these days, especially girl’s teams and women’s teams. The crazier the softball sock, the better. There are so many different styles of softball socks available on the market that it is possible for every person on a team to have their own unique style.


Softball socks are being worn to match players’ uniforms or to make a statement. Some players match their socks with their current mood. On a bad day a player might wear a pair of socks with devil designs, while on a good day smiley faces could be their choice of design. Silly softball socks come in so many different patterns it is impossible to name them all.

Some of the most popular softball sock designs are those with polka dots, stripes and a combination of stripes and spots. Other designs that are popular include: tie dye, rainbow, hearts, zebra print, skulls, and lightening bolts. All these patterns come in combinations of different colors so that those who want their socks to match their team colors have the option of still wearing silly socks. 

The silliest socks are usually saved for practice when it comes to high school softball. Practice is the place where girls in high school tend to step it up in style with the most unique and crazy styles of socks. In high school everyone is trying to show off their uniqueness and individuality. Nobody in high school likes to have someone else copy their style.  Unusual socks during practice have become commonplace in high schools with girls trying desperately to wear socks that nobody else has.

Crazy sport socks are appreciated in college sports too. Even in intramural softball practice, where men and women are on the same team, silly socks are being worn. These out-of-the-norm socks are a fun way to express mood and personality among teammates. Matching silly softball socks are also very popular. When a whole team decides to wear ludicrous socks in unison, a statement is definitely made. People tend to notice an entire team that wears amusing socks.

No matter how silly the sock is it should serve a purpose to protect the cleats or shoes from slipping on the player's feet. Softball socks should be thick and comfortable. Socks that bunch up in a player's shoe can cause irritation and blisters that will hinder game performance. Usually, softball players wear socks that come up just below the knee where their baseball pants begin, but this varies from team to team.

Silly softball socks are a huge trend right now among athletes of all ages, especially females. Athletic stores don't carry many funky or silly sport socks to choose from, so the majority of crazy socks will be found and purchased online. By purchasing online, there are hundreds of socks to choose from instead of a handful. Purchasing socks online ensures that players will be able to pick from a larger selection and have a better chance of being unique.


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