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Friday, March 29, 2013

Neon Blue Socks

Why wear neon blue socks? To stand out, to show off any pair of shoes better by allowing part of those socks to poke out. Rather than hiding them beneath layers of clothing, jeans or dress pants, go ahead, display those funky socks right out in full view. Represent youth, sex appeal and innocence by exposing a little skin while keeping your legs warm. Coordinate the blue to your shorts, top or hair adornments. Send eyes to your shoes with a streak of neon blue. Like a designer, let the flow of colors accentuate intriguing aspects of an outfit. Share and enhance your personality and style, so others can enjoy the bright and cheery colors.

Different lengths, various shades and styles can update and accessorize many outfits that were staring to feel a little tired. Start a trend for sporting events like soccer, if allowed during team play or practice, since these pretty and fashionable socks are actually classified as sport socks.  Knee high socks add style, color and skin protection from light abrasions.

Liven up a pair of dark, drab shoes with some hot color above the shoe line. Spark neutral clothing; it takes just a touch of brightness to change up a look. 

It is an inexpensive way to improve your casual wardrobe with a popular fashion trend. Socks are an inexpensive gem of an accessory that can easily fill up a few dresser drawers. Share some excitement with others when venturing out. Let people’s eyes pop as they catch sight of your bright neon blue socks.

Sophistication and intelligence? Yes, the trend will serve those intellectual, college-bound students, to keep them awake during classes and to stimulate a spontaneous conversation among fellow classmates. 

Don't forget that being on a campus usually involves a great deal of walking; comfortable and cool socks might be a good thing to have.

Celebrate celebrity style, with the likes of Agyness Deyn, Lindsay Lohan and other fashionable gals, who love styling it with open toed shoes, knee high boots or the musical choice, a pair of Chuck Taylor's (ooh, wouldn't these look great with All Stars?). Replicate their retro glamour as a sweet and sexy fashion trend.

Add comfort to shoes that may not be so comfortable to wear without socks. Soften the look to more casual and fun, by slipping on a pair of neon blue socks, and add a bright spot to your day.

Did the trend of wearing bright, neon colors developed from the 1950’s New York Times Square neon lighting? Maybe that’s the beginning of taking what’s around us and turning into a fashion trend. Enter the punk rocking mid 80’s, when punk rockers let bright colors and safety pins indicate their strong desire to rebel against the world. 2007 marked the biggest jump back into color, from tennis shoes to hairstyles. Socks can make it much easier to change up a look and fit right into an up and coming trend without blowing your clothing budget.  And while these neon blue beauties may be classified as sports socks, they can make a comfortable and attractive fashion statement, too.

If you're interested in checking out these neon blue socks and so many other awesome sport socks and accessories, click here, and come visit us at Absolute Sport Socks.


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