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Friday, March 22, 2013

Funky Volleyball Socks

The new trend seen today, especially in high school athletics, is funky volleyball socks. Traditionally, volleyball socks were designed to match the team uniform and issued right along with it. However, recently the uniform rules have slackened a bit allowing for girls to show their individuality on the court by allowing them to stray from the old traditional ways. Nowadays, a spectator at a volleyball game will see some of the funkiest socks they've ever seen.

Girls on the volleyball court try to outdo each other in the uniqueness department when it comes to volleyball socks. Some teams allow funky socks, with one exception, that the entire team be consistent in the style and colors of the socks they wear. In other words, the funky socks worn have to be voted on and be unanimous. Another way of letting girls wear funky socks on the court is to allow the entire team to wear the same pattern on one day and a different pattern on another, thus switching it up each game.

Funky volleyball socks come in a variety of styles and colors. Many have different printed designs. The only thing that is universal is that the socks are long enough to come up to the knee and thick enough to prevent the shoes from slipping on the heel. It is safety that comes first in volleyball socks and uniforms. The look of the sock isn't as important as it is to keep a shoe from falling off during play.

In volleyball clubs, members are allowed to pick their own uniforms, including volleyball socks. There are tons of great styles of tube socks for volleyball available on the market. The colors are infinite and most likely considered the funky part of the uniform. There are traditional tube socks that come in a variety of colors to match the team uniform--whatever it may be. Then there are retro socks that are a throwback to the 70's. These are tube socks that come in various colors with two banded stripes of another color around the top.

Volleyball socks come in all colors and designs and worn as expression of personality and individuality. They come in all sorts of designs; lightning bolts, zebra stripes, leopard print, tie-dye, rainbow, and just about any other conceivable pattern. Girls wear these socks to practice and at games to express their mood, match their uniform or just stand out in a crowd. The fun is in finding the wildest, craziest patterns available and showing them off to the team.

Regardless of how great a volleyball player looks in their funky socks, one thing needs to be remembered, and that is the socks need to be comfortable and allow for the quick movement that is required during volleyball play. Socks that aren't comfortable can rub blisters and cause the shoes to slip on the heels. No matter how wild the pattern, or how cool the socks are; they need to be comfortable and to fit well with the shoes.

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