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Sunday, March 31, 2013

No More Worries About Grass Stains With Green Camo!

Uniforms are a very important part of all different kinds of team sports. Teams who are looking for just the right pair of sports socks will love to wear these. This type of sock will set teams apart from others. Furthermore, these sports socks will allow a team to play their best game. A team can win and look great at the same time. The other team won't know what hit them.

Wear green camoflauge socks for outdoor sports such as soccer or softball. These green socks will blend in with the grass and other outdoor surroundings. Another benefit of wearing green socks is that they will hide any and all grass stains. This is especially helpful for athletes who are not afraid to get down and dirty. No one will ever have to scrub grass stains out of their socks again. Any grass stains that are acquired will blend in with the shades of green that are already on the socks. This is a convenience that can't be found with other sports socks.

If a different color than green socks is preferred, there are other colored socks available as well. Socks can be ordered in bright pink, royal blue, black and gray, neon or red and orange. If a team wants to be noticed, then these socks are just the thing to attract attention. Be prepared for other teams to ask where these socks were purchased.

Brightly colored *camoflauge socks work well for indoor sports too. Sports such as volleyball and basketball can benefit from a snazzy pair of sports socks. These socks will blend in with a variety of uniform colors and styles. They will make any team look tough and intimidating.

One of the best features about these sports socks is that they are designed to stay up. They do not slide down on the leg, even with the type of moving and jumping that is required by many sports. This is a very important feature for competitive athletes. No one wants to mess with constantly pulling up their socks when they should be concentrating on their game.

Regardless of what sport is played, camoflauge socks will look great. Whether a sport is played indoors or outdoors these socks will make a team stand out. They match any color or style of uniform. Wear them with confidence and pride. They will help lead a team to victory.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Neon Blue Socks

Why wear neon blue socks? To stand out, to show off any pair of shoes better by allowing part of those socks to poke out. Rather than hiding them beneath layers of clothing, jeans or dress pants, go ahead, display those funky socks right out in full view. Represent youth, sex appeal and innocence by exposing a little skin while keeping your legs warm. Coordinate the blue to your shorts, top or hair adornments. Send eyes to your shoes with a streak of neon blue. Like a designer, let the flow of colors accentuate intriguing aspects of an outfit. Share and enhance your personality and style, so others can enjoy the bright and cheery colors.

Different lengths, various shades and styles can update and accessorize many outfits that were staring to feel a little tired. Start a trend for sporting events like soccer, if allowed during team play or practice, since these pretty and fashionable socks are actually classified as sport socks.  Knee high socks add style, color and skin protection from light abrasions.

Liven up a pair of dark, drab shoes with some hot color above the shoe line. Spark neutral clothing; it takes just a touch of brightness to change up a look. 

It is an inexpensive way to improve your casual wardrobe with a popular fashion trend. Socks are an inexpensive gem of an accessory that can easily fill up a few dresser drawers. Share some excitement with others when venturing out. Let people’s eyes pop as they catch sight of your bright neon blue socks.

Sophistication and intelligence? Yes, the trend will serve those intellectual, college-bound students, to keep them awake during classes and to stimulate a spontaneous conversation among fellow classmates. 

Don't forget that being on a campus usually involves a great deal of walking; comfortable and cool socks might be a good thing to have.

Celebrate celebrity style, with the likes of Agyness Deyn, Lindsay Lohan and other fashionable gals, who love styling it with open toed shoes, knee high boots or the musical choice, a pair of Chuck Taylor's (ooh, wouldn't these look great with All Stars?). Replicate their retro glamour as a sweet and sexy fashion trend.

Add comfort to shoes that may not be so comfortable to wear without socks. Soften the look to more casual and fun, by slipping on a pair of neon blue socks, and add a bright spot to your day.

Did the trend of wearing bright, neon colors developed from the 1950’s New York Times Square neon lighting? Maybe that’s the beginning of taking what’s around us and turning into a fashion trend. Enter the punk rocking mid 80’s, when punk rockers let bright colors and safety pins indicate their strong desire to rebel against the world. 2007 marked the biggest jump back into color, from tennis shoes to hairstyles. Socks can make it much easier to change up a look and fit right into an up and coming trend without blowing your clothing budget.  And while these neon blue beauties may be classified as sports socks, they can make a comfortable and attractive fashion statement, too.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bring On the Bright Colored Men's Socks

An important part of a person's wardrobe are their socks. Contrary to the old days, when one had a choice of black, brown, or white socks, today's market offers a wide array of choices regarding patterns, colors, types, accessories and sizes. This is most notable in the sports field, where it is possible for a player to obtain socks that are not only attractive, but also outstanding in comfort.

Theme, type, pattern and specific features group these exceptional bright colored mens socks. Not only is there a wide choice of bright colors, but they are available for specific sports as well. For example, with soccer socks it is possible to have a copy of the ball itself or a special design such as Cube Pattern, Illusion, Squiggly, Bub or Money Player. There are hundreds of other attractive patterns to choose from as well.

These bright colored mens socks are an excellent gift for any occasion and are greatly appreciated by the recipient. This is especially true if they are active in any type of sport. The wide variety of patterns include things such as baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and cycling logos as well as hundreds of other designs and a wide variety of colors. They are also available in women’s and youth sizes.

When engaged in any sport the proper apparel is an important part of the activity. Having comfortable and colorful socks is an attractive addition, especially where wearing shorts is involved. Being comfortable includes the type of material used in manufacturing these brightly colored socks. Constructed of acrylic, nylon, polyester and spandex, they also have specially cushioned acrylic feet. This provides not only extra comfort but also offers protection from the ground or floor. This is important when participating in any sport that requires being on the feet for long periods.

These mens socks are available in anklet, crew and quarter crew styles. This allows the man to have a coordinated look for his entire wardrobe. This is important, especially when he is in competition sports. However, even in everyday practice, having socks make a statement is something that is possible with these designs.

With the huge array of colors and patterns available, it is possible for a man to choose exactly what fits his image. He might choose an occupation, favorite cause, animal design, a peace sign, or one of the many others available. In solid colors there are florescent shades of orange, yellow, turquoise, and green acrylic. These comfortable socks are also available in solid white, green, black and purple.

When purchasing socks for an entire team it pays to make the purchase from one location to achieve uniformity. Having the same bright colored mens socks adds color to each player's outfit and during the play, leaves no question as to which team he belongs. Wearing the same style and color adds even more fun to the sport.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Funky Volleyball Socks

The new trend seen today, especially in high school athletics, is funky volleyball socks. Traditionally, volleyball socks were designed to match the team uniform and issued right along with it. However, recently the uniform rules have slackened a bit allowing for girls to show their individuality on the court by allowing them to stray from the old traditional ways. Nowadays, a spectator at a volleyball game will see some of the funkiest socks they've ever seen.

Girls on the volleyball court try to outdo each other in the uniqueness department when it comes to volleyball socks. Some teams allow funky socks, with one exception, that the entire team be consistent in the style and colors of the socks they wear. In other words, the funky socks worn have to be voted on and be unanimous. Another way of letting girls wear funky socks on the court is to allow the entire team to wear the same pattern on one day and a different pattern on another, thus switching it up each game.

Funky volleyball socks come in a variety of styles and colors. Many have different printed designs. The only thing that is universal is that the socks are long enough to come up to the knee and thick enough to prevent the shoes from slipping on the heel. It is safety that comes first in volleyball socks and uniforms. The look of the sock isn't as important as it is to keep a shoe from falling off during play.

In volleyball clubs, members are allowed to pick their own uniforms, including volleyball socks. There are tons of great styles of tube socks for volleyball available on the market. The colors are infinite and most likely considered the funky part of the uniform. There are traditional tube socks that come in a variety of colors to match the team uniform--whatever it may be. Then there are retro socks that are a throwback to the 70's. These are tube socks that come in various colors with two banded stripes of another color around the top.

Volleyball socks come in all colors and designs and worn as expression of personality and individuality. They come in all sorts of designs; lightning bolts, zebra stripes, leopard print, tie-dye, rainbow, and just about any other conceivable pattern. Girls wear these socks to practice and at games to express their mood, match their uniform or just stand out in a crowd. The fun is in finding the wildest, craziest patterns available and showing them off to the team.

Regardless of how great a volleyball player looks in their funky socks, one thing needs to be remembered, and that is the socks need to be comfortable and allow for the quick movement that is required during volleyball play. Socks that aren't comfortable can rub blisters and cause the shoes to slip on the heels. No matter how wild the pattern, or how cool the socks are; they need to be comfortable and to fit well with the shoes.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Fashionable Style of Athletic Socks with Stripes

People who participate in sports activities need to wear socks that provide comfort for their feet during times of activity. Sports socks are usually made with heavier material so they can add some cushion to the foot and also absorb moisture.  Athletic socks with stripes are designed with fibers that are both comfortable and absorbent. These socks are available in several styles with striped patterns knit into the surface to make them more visually appealing. The classic style of striped sock has an all white body with colored stripes placed along the top cuff.

In addition to the classic or old school style, there are also socks created with stripes covering the entire body of the fabric. One of the more fashionable and fun styles uses a rainbow of colors to create wide stripes along the entire length of the sock. This design makes these socks fun garments to wear with outfits not intended for sports activities. As a fashionable sock, it can be paired with jean shorts and casual flats. These socks can also be worn to add a festive look to a navy blue skirt worn with a matching blouse or sweater. 

Another fun type of design found in the athletic socks with stripes is the diagonal stripe. This design is available in two styles, which place colored stripes on a background of white. One style uses a classic two-tone design while the other combines three colors. The tri-colored diagonal striped socks uses two thin colored stripes in light and dark shades on a background of white. For example, the pastel green socks will have a pastel shade of green combined with a deep forest green alternating in diagonal stripes with white. This sock comes with a wide pastel green colored cuff.

People who really want to add some pizzazz to their sports uniforms or their everyday outfits can choose the sports socks designed with patterns of stripes and polka dots. These fanciful designs place several thin stripes on the upper body of the sock with dots covering the lower half and the foot. Variations on this whimsical design include socks with rainbow colored stripes and polka dots. The rainbow design is available on either a background of white or black.

Trendy styles of athletic socks with stripes also include some non-traditional patterns. The Mojo style uses a panel made of stripes as a central design on a background of white or black. These diagonal stripes have a swirl effect that curves around the calf of the sock. The Zipper pattern places the stripes along the back of the calf with matching solid colored sections placed on the toe and heel. These trendy designs can be used to spice up the look of any team uniform or casual outfit.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silly Softball Socks

Silly softball socks are so popular with softball teams these days, especially girl’s teams and women’s teams. The crazier the softball sock, the better. There are so many different styles of softball socks available on the market that it is possible for every person on a team to have their own unique style.


Softball socks are being worn to match players’ uniforms or to make a statement. Some players match their socks with their current mood. On a bad day a player might wear a pair of socks with devil designs, while on a good day smiley faces could be their choice of design. Silly softball socks come in so many different patterns it is impossible to name them all.

Some of the most popular softball sock designs are those with polka dots, stripes and a combination of stripes and spots. Other designs that are popular include: tie dye, rainbow, hearts, zebra print, skulls, and lightening bolts. All these patterns come in combinations of different colors so that those who want their socks to match their team colors have the option of still wearing silly socks. 

The silliest socks are usually saved for practice when it comes to high school softball. Practice is the place where girls in high school tend to step it up in style with the most unique and crazy styles of socks. In high school everyone is trying to show off their uniqueness and individuality. Nobody in high school likes to have someone else copy their style.  Unusual socks during practice have become commonplace in high schools with girls trying desperately to wear socks that nobody else has.

Crazy sport socks are appreciated in college sports too. Even in intramural softball practice, where men and women are on the same team, silly socks are being worn. These out-of-the-norm socks are a fun way to express mood and personality among teammates. Matching silly softball socks are also very popular. When a whole team decides to wear ludicrous socks in unison, a statement is definitely made. People tend to notice an entire team that wears amusing socks.

No matter how silly the sock is it should serve a purpose to protect the cleats or shoes from slipping on the player's feet. Softball socks should be thick and comfortable. Socks that bunch up in a player's shoe can cause irritation and blisters that will hinder game performance. Usually, softball players wear socks that come up just below the knee where their baseball pants begin, but this varies from team to team.

Silly softball socks are a huge trend right now among athletes of all ages, especially females. Athletic stores don't carry many funky or silly sport socks to choose from, so the majority of crazy socks will be found and purchased online. By purchasing online, there are hundreds of socks to choose from instead of a handful. Purchasing socks online ensures that players will be able to pick from a larger selection and have a better chance of being unique.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Soccer Socks For Kids

Soccer socks for kids add a new dynamic to the game of soccer for young people. They come in many different designs and colors. They come in different weights as well, which allow for a custom fit that provides better comfort.  Soccer socks are most commonly made with an acrylic, nylon, polyester and spandex blend. They have a cushioned foot, which gives support to the heel and also helps to prevent blistering, and a filament mesh top that increases airflow and ventilation.

Youth size soccer socks range from size 6 to 8-1/2 and are knee high in length. They come in fun, vibrant colors and add flare to any team uniform. If you have a little girl who is a little shy about getting on the field, then consider taking her out to shop for some fun soccer socks. She will not be able to wait to hit the soccer field to show off her new socks. There are fun socks available for both boys and girls and can be found in stores as well as online. The socks that kids wear on the soccer field make a statement about who they are and what they represent. These specialty socks come in so many patterns; striped, polka dot, plaid, flowers, camouflage, checkerboard, argyle and more.

Some very cool soccer socks for kids come in “awareness socks” too. The two awareness socks are for Breast Cancer Awareness and Autism Awareness. These socks not only raise awareness for breast cancer and autism, but their proceeds also go towards funding for these causes. Breast cancer awareness socks come in many different patterns; black socks with pink ribbons, white socks with pink ribbons, pink socks with white ribbons, argyle pink ribbon socks, checkered pink ribbon socks and more. Autism Awareness socks are cool looking white socks that sport the autism awareness puzzle pieces in primary colors. The puzzle pieces that are on theses socks represent the abstract thinking of an autistic child. Not only are these socks fun, but they also teach awareness to young kids and give them an appreciation for these causes.

Another trendy soccer sock is the soccer ball pattern sock. These socks come in various colors and each of them displays multiple soccer balls. Teams can coordinate their socks to match, or they can choose to mix and match their colors amongst their teammates. Leagues can also purchase different color socks for each team. No matter how these socks are styled, kids will enjoy sporting their socks as they proudly run down the soccer field wearing them.

Animal design socks are another popular choice among kids. Teams often choose to coordinate their animal socks with their team name. There are socks with pictures of gators, bumble bees, monkeys, giraffes, frogs, ladybugs, lions, tigers, butterflies and even fish.  Soccer socks for kids offer a way for kids to get excited about the game. Kids will proudly wear their special soccer socks to every practice and game.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tie Dyed Soccer Socks

When a coach is looking for a great way to make his team stand out among the other teams on the field, he can choose tie dyed soccer socks. These socks come in a large variety of colors, and finding the color that will allow him to match his team's uniform should be an easy task.

His team is going to love playing soccer in these fashionable socks that will allow them to look great. They are also a great choice for boy soccer players as well as girl soccer players. These socks will provide the perfect fit, as well as the expected comfort that each player needs to make it through game or two of soccer.

The tie dyed soccer socks will beat the old white socks that the team has been wearing year after year. All of the spectators of this sport are going to be so impressed with the look that these socks provide to the team. Parents are going to love them as well, since they are so easy to launder and they won't have to worry about the socks staining and needing to be bleached.

All coaches want their team to look great while being on the field and they want them to be able to look as great as they play. When the team is wearing matching soccer socks that are tie dyed, they are going to be ready to hit the field and play at their best. 

These socks are available in neon colors like pink, green and blue and also in darker colors like red, black, purple and maroon. If the team’s colors are orange, they won't have a problem getting their tie dyed socks in orange.

These socks are not only available in youth sizes; they are available in adult sizes as well. A soccer team that is made up of adults can enjoy the same fashion as the more youthful teams can enjoy when they are dressed out in these cool, funky tie died soccer socks.  Socks that have been tie dyed are the perfect way to whip any team into fashionable shape.

One of the best things about these socks other than their looks and comfort is that they are made in the USA.   Being able to dress the team in clothing that is made in the USA can bring a lot of pride to any coach.  The coach can be proud of the way his team plays and the way his team looks when they have great socks.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Argyle Sports Socks

Argyle socks have always been popular with business professionals. They make any pair of slacks look better and add an element of style. Today, a lot of people who enjoy golf as a past time will make a decision to buy argyle sports socks. Entire teams that play sports like volleyball or lacrosse will also like these socks. They are also quite popular in the business world as well. The argyle pattern is quite eye-catching, even though it is a very traditional look that has been around for many years.

The reason that so many individuals take interest in argyle sports socks is because of the attention that these socks can get. In golf, for example, the players will wear a lot of solid colors. A splash of spontaneity and color can be found in their socks. These socks can make the look come alive. It is common to see professional golfers in magazines wearing this type of sock.

This is the same thing that is common in the business world. Lots of people may wear solid colors, but throwing argyle patterns into the outfit makes it all come together. These socks are intriguing to look at, and this pattern is always in style. That is why many people will buy multiple pairs of socks like this. They know that they can wear these socks for years without the risk of being a fashion misfit. These socks are at the highest echelon of style. Lots of consumers will also have shirts or sweaters that have this same pattern. It's a very popular style for men and women.

What many people may not know is that there are many different colors available. Lots of individuals are used to seeing the common black and white argyle pattern. What many of these people may not know is that there are lighter color combinations available, like florescent green or pink for females who want to liven up their attire.

People that order online can find these patterns and colors with ease. Most of the quality made argyle sports socks are designed with a blend of nylon and polyester. Spandex also fits into the blend. This helps the socks stretch and keeps the elasticity that is needed after the socks are washed frequently.

There really are some attractive argyle socks available for people that like the stylish affect that the argyle patterns can bring to an outfit. People can give these as gifts during the holidays or birthdays. It's a great gift for people that are on sports teams, but it is also quite common for everyday wear as well. These socks have become one of the most popular sock styles in the United States.

People that like stylish garments are well aware of the need for at least one pair of argyle socks. Many consumers acquire multiple pairs because they are so attracted to the pattern. Teams like to wear these socks for volleyball or lacrosse games. It is quite common to see teams wearing these socks throughout the year. That is just how versatile the argyle pattern can be. These socks fit well into the business or the sports world.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Old School Basketball Sock

 There are assortments of different socks on the market that are purchased by basketball teams. One of the most popular new trends for lots of high school teams happen to be old school basketball socks.


This trend reaches way back to conjure the classic style of the basketball players that had a hand in shaping the game. In most instants these players wore very short shorts and very long socks. It was a style that was instantly recognized in all of the old game footage that is now available on many classic television channels.

Today, lots of younger kids see these legends of the sports arena and many have decided to pay tribute to their greatness. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the uniquely designed old school basketball socks. These socks may seem new to the younger generation, but these socks are quite familiar to older people. Lots of adults grew up with these socks because it wasn't just for basketball. Lots of kids wore these types of socks to school. Men wore the socks to work. There were all types of reasons for people to buy these socks. It was more common, however, to notice these socks on the basketball court. The players had nothing to cover their legs so many people noticed that these were the types of socks that the players wore.

It's a classic look that is instantly recognized. In many cases people will see the socks and reminisce of the past. The white socks with the double stripes at the top are some of the most common socks from the old days. These socks have resurfaced and become a fun asset to many people. Some kids choose to buy these old school basketball socks for things like "crazy sock day" at their schools. Other men that play on basketball teams may acquire multiple pairs of these socks for training. There are some basketball teams that come together and make the decision to wear these socks for the official games. 

There are so many people that have an interest in these classic socks. A lot of people want to buy things like this, but most people don't know where to look. Most of the time the brick and mortar retail stores will not have these items. Department stores carry a lot of the latest fashions, but old school accessories are rarely found in brick and mortar stores. That is why many people turn to the Internet for their old school shopping needs.

When people search online they can find classic socks like these with ease. In many cases, people can find these athletic socks with a variety of different colored stripes. That is one reason that the Internet is such a big shopping hotspot. The majority of people that are looking for socks from the old school era will be impressed with what they can find online, and are able to shop and order from the comfort of home.  The shipping charges are probably less than the cost of gasoline to get to the brick and mortar store.