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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tie Dyed Softball Socks

Tie Dyed Softball Socks are Both Functional and Stylish

The new trend in sports apparel is to make it more fashionable and fun. Clothing manufactures are able to use colorful fabrics to create a variety of sports related garments without losing any of the functionality of the items. Among some of the more trendy items available to wear are tie dyed softball socks.

The Functional Design of Softball Socks Made with Tie Dyed Patterns

The material used to create these socks is designed to be comfortable and absorbent. Comfort is essential when wearing garments for sports activities. If the seams are pronounced or the bands are too tight, the player will not perform as well. The new colorful tie dyed styles come with soft elastic bands to hold the socks in place securely without pinching or binding. The seams along the heels and toes are also created to be flat so they do not feel uncomfortable inside a pair of athletic shoes.

The materials used for these softball socks are also absorbent. Absorbency is important when playing fast paced sports activities. By keeping moisture away from the feet, players have greater control over their moves. The absorbency combined with the comfort feature also prevents players from acquiring blisters

The Stylish Side of Softball Socks Made with Tie Dyed Patterns

While these socks are designed for better performance in softball, they are fashionable enough to wear with trendy outfits. The colorful patterns woven into the material can be used to enhance a gypsy style skirt or a pair of Bermuda shorts. The classic pattern is made by taking the initial or main color of the fabric and bleaching it out so free forming patterns of white run through the material. The patterns vary with some socks having more white areas than colored areas and vice versa.

The tie dyed softball socks are available in a wide range of colors to mix and match with any outfit. Colors available range from modest shades of black, brown and navy blue to more feminine shades of pink. There are also vivid colors that can be worn for fun, which include violet, yellow, turquoise and orange. The socks are available in knee high styles that make them the perfect fashion addition for Capri pants, as well as for mini skirts and dresses. These stylish socks can be worn with a pair of trendy ankle boots to create a hip and youthful look.

The combined comfort and fashion style of these socks allow them to be worn for any type of activity. The socks are also available in sizes made to fit youth to adults. Young girls who participate in softball, or who like to wear the latest trends, will like the colorful styles of these socks. Adults will find them comfortable enough to wear for athletic events and fashionable enough to wear out to the clubs. These stylish athletic socks are also available as crew socks, which provide the same level of quality and comfort. The Tie Dyed crew socks are also available in the same assorted colors.


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