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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Stylish Design and High Performance of Checkerboard Socks

There are some fashion accessories that are also practical items to wear. The many varieties of socks available today come with prints and designs that enhance the way they look and the things with which they are worn. Instead of wearing the socks simply to provide comfort for the inside of a shoe, they are worn as fashion accessories. Checkerboard socks are designed with square blocks of color on the outer surface, often woven into the fabric. The styles designed as knee length socks will have the checkerboard pattern on the entire section used to cover the calf. The foot section is usually made of a solid color with the toe and heel colored the same as the block print.

Socks with a Checkerboard Print Add Style

The checkerboard pattern can be worn with a variety of outfits to create an interesting look. Girls can wear these socks with short skirts and high top sneakers to create hip styles unique to their own personalities. Young girls like bright colors they can use to enhance their outfits. The socks created with the classic checkerboard pattern will come in colors such as hot pink and fluorescent green with contrasting blocks of black. These bold colors can also be worn with black Capri pants and t-shirts to create a modern, casual look.

The fun and festive styles of these socks can also be used to enhance a holiday outfit or a special costume. A Halloween costume can be more fun to wear with a pair of orange and black patterned socks. These socks can be paired with a black mini dress and black boots to create a hip and stylish witch outfit. For the Christmas holiday season the green and black patterned socks can be paired with a green dress and festive ankle boots to create a fun and festive holiday outfit.

The Practical Side of Checkerboard Socks

Young girls and young adult women can also wear the fun checkerboard socks with uniforms they have for sports activities. Girls who play soccer can choose to wear one of the more subdued styles of socks created with a basic black and white pattern. Girls who want a bit more pizzazz can choose one of the brighter colors such as pink or blue, which is printed on a background of white. The design of the socks made with checkerboard patterns are not just for girls and young women, they can also be worn by boys and men who participate in sports activities.

As a sports sock, these items are designed for comfort. The material is a blend of fibers that allow for comfort as well as for flexibility. The spandex portion of the fibers also helps keep the socks securely in place. The top band as well as the heel and toe, will not slip or slide from its original position. The material is also designed to move with the foot, which is important when participating in active activities. The Checkerboard Socks are made of durable and machine washable fibers so they will last a long time.


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