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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Check Out Those Funky, Crazy Socks!

Nothing goes great with a flamboyant outfit or shows spirit like funky crazy socks. There is a vast choice of styles, whether it’s socks that pull up to your knees or socks with toes. It seems that there are an abundance of different styles, including socks that start at the ankles and go up to the thighs. There is no shortage of prints either, including some that would really emphasize team spirit if worn during a sports game, or even a breast cancer walk-a-thon. And while there is something to be said about the comforting nature of socks, it is nothing compared to the style that one can wear them with. It’s really a matter of choosing what the person that is going to be wearing the socks is interested in.

What kind of socks would a person choose if they were on a sports team? One with their school colors of course, but what type? That would depend upon the sport. Soccer socks are long and cover the entire calf, stopping at the knee, while softball socks end at mid-calf. Cheerleading socks end at the ankle to be seen just above their shoes and the list goes, with different lengths for different sports. Choosing your socks and their length should be directly related to how long the person’s shorts are that is wearing them – after all, what is the point of wearing funky crazy socks if you can’t show them off?

School colors aside there are a hundred thousand prints to choose from when one is shopping for socks. If a person has a yearning for the classics with just a touch of flare, then perhaps a pair that is neon colored but in the diamond argyle pattern is just right. Maybe the person is a breast cancer survivor and they are participating in a special event – all the more reason to get awareness printed socks. Then again, if a person just thinks they are the best soccer player even, they can purchase a pair of socks with flames running up the sides. Whatever the choice is, there is something out there.

Socks are more than just footwear that protect the feet and shoes. They are a comfort when someone has cold feet, and they can show the whole world what someone believes if they are worn properly with the right print. Who wants boring feet, after all? When you are choosing funky crazy socks for someone else, keep in mind that there are thousands of choices if you look in the right direction. They are a great gift; the socks themselves will prove both functional and stylish if chosen carefully.


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