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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yellow Crew Socks

The crew sock has become one of the most commonly worn socks in America. Besides the heel sock, toe sock, and ankle sock, the crew sock has become the norm among athletes, sports fans, and every day shoe wearers, alike. Yellow crew socks are just as much of a common color to see as the sock type itself.

 The Crew sock is usually a more form-fitting sock. It's not so much bulky, but it's not rare to see it with some sort of thickness (for extra warmth). It's a commonly rib-like sock, with tiers descending down the sides of the ankle. They can be used in a way to warm legs, but are not nearly as effective as leg warmers themselves. They can fit into most any type of shoe and can go with most any kind of outfit or type of attire.

The first time that the Crew sock became a dominant piece of clothing, was in 1948. Crew socks are short (the longest being the mid-to lower calve of the leg),being somewhat thick, everyday kind of socks. They also come in a number of different styles and designs, but most people usually just choose a solid color to wear under their clothes. Crew socks are unisex wear, meaning both males and females wear them. Females are more likely to wear bright, out there socks, unless the sock color represents something meaningful. This might be school colors, team colors, or the individual's favorite color.

A sports team that is well known for pulling off the yellow crew sock would have to be the Green Bay Packers. The football team is well known for their green and yellow, traditionally worn team colors. They aren't the only NFL team to sport the yellow. The Pittsburgh Steelers wore their throwback attire, sporting yellow and black striped crew socks.

Another common reason to sport yellow crew socks, both in the past and most dominantly in modern day times, is in support for a cause. It's not unusual to see people sporting the most vibrant yellow of crew socks, representing their support for a cure for cancer. Yellow is the color most associated with the illness and many charities and supporters associate it with not only ribbons, but also by incorporating it into their everyday attire. This is also associated with "Armstrong's Livestrong" bracelets, which were also sold to support a cure for cancer. Cancer awareness is common among athletes, as they also tend to incorporate the color in their armbands, socks, knee guards, and gloves during their big games - in commemoration of a plethora of personally supported causes.

The yellow crew sock is a bit of a memorable color and shape. You can see it from far away and it sends a very bold message. It represents energy, joy, and some would even say hope. It's the easiest color to see and although it's said to drive you crazy if in large doses, when incorporated in your daily outfit as a complimentary color, it can be pulled off when presented casually, for preference, or for a cause.


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